OWC Stories from the field


Adventures with our favorite creators in their element

Restoring Godfather III: American Zoetrope and OWC

It’s been thirty years since the third part of the classic Godfather trilogy hit the silver screen. That’s nearly twice as long as the sixteen-year gap between Godfather II and III (the break between Godfathers I and II was only two years).

OWC’s Flex 8 Thunderbolt Storage Makes a Difference One Story at a Time

We Make Movies is a non-profit dedicated to empowering creatives to tell stories: from shorts to features, narrative fiction to docs.

Doing More with Less—Storytelling from New Mexico with Jonathan Sims

In an underserved community where filmmaking is considered “taboo,” Jonathan Sims has found a way to tell compelling stories from his village Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico.

Chris Vanderschaaf: High-Speed Cinematographer & SloMo Specialist

Cinematographer and director Chris Vanderschaaf specializes in high-speed cinematography and travels around the world shooting commercials and campaigns for several notable brands including Netflix, Mountain Dew, Ferrari, Lays, Adidas, and many others.

Parallel Post-Production with Carrma

When top Hollywood studios, Tyler Perry or Thursday Night Football need high-end color and audio work, they turn to creative post studio Carrma | Creative Post Experts.

Butcher Bird Studios: The OWC Jellyfish Mobile helps teams on the move

With video production becoming as standard to a company's communication strategy as their websites, companies are eager to find solutions to stay competitive without compromising their brand or message.

EMS Films: FCPX Independent Documentary Projects

Mark Verkerk and the team at EMS Films recently made their 3rd feature-length nature documentary. They had to edit over 15,000 hours of 4K+ resolution footage into an 85-minute documentary. Working with a variety of cameras and codecs, this was no easy task.

La Peste: OWC Jellyfish goes to Spain during the golden era of TV

We’re in what Hollywood deems as “The Golden Era of Television.” With millions of dollars being poured into each episode of a TV series, it’s no wonder we’re seeing opportunities to create new workflows and rethink the post production process to meet the increased demand for quality content.

Los Angeles Unified School District: Education Through Creation

Roderick Leverett is the kind of educator whose impact will be felt by his students and his community for generations.

Love A Child: Shining a Light

Missionaries Bobby & Sherry Burnette have spent nearly four decades bringing relief to the people of Haiti through their Love A Child non-profit based in Fort Myers, Florida.

Chicago Summer Stories: Students takes the OWC Jellyfish for a spin

It has long been a belief of ours that kids aren’t using technology as a tool to distract them from real life. They are, in fact, trying to leverage available technology to connect.

The River and The Wall: A Million Moving Parts

Five friends embark on a 1,200-mile mountain bike, horse, and canoe expedition down the Rio Grande to document the borderlands before construction of a wall and to explore how it would impact wildlife, immigration, public lands, border security, and landowners.

Tilt Creative + Production: Always on Time

At a time when the rules of marketing and advertising are being rewritten every couple of years, Tilt Creative + Production has managed to stay ahead of the curve.

VGTV: A OWC Jellyfish for every broadcasting workflow

Newspapers and print magazines are losing revenue each year while linear television networks fight for shrinking audiences and advertising money. It’s no secret that the media industry has had to adapt to changes in how information is disseminated.

Hangman Studios: OWC Jellyfish on Tour!

We know creating video content doesn’t look the same for every organization. When it comes to live events, James Tonkin and his team at Hangman Studios are pushing the envelope to create high-quality content in real-time.

Light Sail VR: Speak of the Devil

A few summers ago, we received a call from Light Sail VR about a hugely ambitious project they were undertaking called Speak of the Devil. Their plan was to create the first ever immersive, interactive, live-action horror experience, and they were going to shoot it in the woods ninety miles outside of LA.

Sunrise Productions: Jungle Beat Producers Power Post With OWC Jellyfish

Sunrise Productions earned a place in history for creating Africa's first-ever animated feature film, The Legend of the Sky Kingdom. Today, the company is best known as the creative force behind the fun, family-friendly kids series Jungle Beat and its spinoff Munki and Trunk, which are broadcast in over 180 countries.