Why We’re Here

In everything we do, we believe in making a better world where technology inspires imagination and everything is possible.

About OWC

For more than 35 years, OWC has had a simple goal. To create innovative DIY solutions to give you the most from your technology.

At OWC, we feel that technology can be instrumental in changing the world for the better if it’s done right.  Whether you use it to communicate, create, or safeguard, we believe that technology should be simple, affordable, and easy to use.  It should just work and do what you need it to do.  At OWC, it is our mission to deliver that seamless level of experience to you with every solution that we make, and in every interaction that we have.  We are working to build a better world through our solutions, and it is our mission to create solutions that improve the lives of everyone that touches them.

At OWC we promise to:

  • Respect your time.  Whether that is through our solutions that aim to get the tech out of the way and keep it out so you can focus on what’s important to you or through our service getting you the advice or help you need.
  • Maximize your budget.  That means in the short term in having fair prices, but most importantly in the long term by focusing on quality solutions that are built to last.  Our solutions aren’t the cheapest because we know how much of a pain it is to swap out parts in your set up and we know how much you rely on your OWC gear.  
  • Support you.  Every solution is backed and supported by knowledgeable representatives, not just before the sale, but during and after.  You can always call, email or chat with OWC over the lifetime of the product.  And that support is always free (outside of the few noted exceptions).
  • Educate.  It’s a fast moving world out there.  We geek out on the tech so you don't have to.  Our solutions help make complicated tasks fast and easy, our install videos demystify and our blog helps you do more with what you have and wade through the marketing-speak.
  • Give it our all. All components in our solutions go through a strict qualification process to make sure they will perform as needed.  External drive solutions are additionally tested after assembly, with some tests taking hours or even days to certify that they will go the distance.
  • Channel you.  Our solutions are tested using many different workflows so we can ensure when you plug it in, it just works.
  • Complete the circle.  There are many, many different options out there and while our hardware and software solutions are designed to work together, they are also designed to work within your setup.

What We Do

We empower our customers to take their technology further and ensure the investment that they made a couple years ago doesn’t have to be thrown out the door and recycled for something new.

How It All Started

“I started OWC because it was difficult for me to get to a local store to upgrade my own Apple. On top of that, it was very very expensive to do so and it drove me to number one do my own updgrades, but share that information and offer these upgrades so that others can benefit the same.”

—Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO

Environmental Sustainability

We have worked tirelessly to build sustainable practices into all levels of our business operations.

Join Our Team

At OWC we strive to empower our customers through groundbreaking advancements in upgrades and solutions for Mac, PC, and mobile devices. With an emphasis on superior service, quality, value, and environmental responsibility, we are committed to the creation of technology that inspires the imagination and a world where everything is possible.