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Chicago Untold Stories: The Truth Through The Lens Of Our Youth

In the midst of COVID-19, there were riots and protests in Chicago as people were fighting for equality and social justice.

Engaging Youth Through Storytelling and Technology with Bijan Machen

Bijan Machen has a passion for the future of education and the importance of engaging our youth through storytelling. His interest began when he created a 501(c)(3) for kids called AthleTECH that combined athletics and technology.

Engagement Insights for the YouTube Generation with Steve Douglass

Who better than an educator of millennials and a father of two teenagers to discuss storytelling and engagement for the YouTube generations?

OWC Helps Bring Professional Filmmaking to High School Cinema Workshop

During the summer of 2021, the Poway Unified School District in San Diego held a 10-day Arts, Media, and Entertainment Summer Cinema Workshop.

OWC Partners with St. Louis Summer Stories to Help Students Learn Filmmaking

The St. Louis Summer Stories program brings together high school students across the metropolitan St. Louis area and equips them with the tools and knowledge to capture stories from the community.

Giving Tuesday: The Magic of Andy Stein and the Orphaned Starfish Foundation

Andy Stein, founder and executive chairman of the Orphaned Starfish Foundation (OSF), likes to refer to himself as a recovering banker.

Vince Vaughn Teaches Kids Filmmaking in Chicago Summer Stories

Chicago Summer Stories is a collaborative filmmaking experience for high school-aged creators. This year, Hollywood star Vince Vaughn not only instructed but became a co-teacher with program director Steve Douglass.

Blazing the Trail for the Recording Industry at MTSU

MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University) located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, houses the largest collegiate recording program in the United States. In fact, the program currently hosts 1,300 students.

Dane Brehm on DIT Workflows Streamlined with OWC Tech

Fast drives save lives” declares Dane Brehm, Production Technologist for Cintegral. At first, that might sound like a wild claim, but with film industry professionals pulling longer and longer days, it’s no exaggeration.