Andy Stein

Giving Tuesday: The Magic of Andy Stein and the Orphaned Starfish Foundation

Andy Stein, founder and executive chairman of the Orphaned Starfish Foundation (OSF), likes to refer to himself as a recovering banker. After twenty-five years in the field of finance and big business as an investment banker and development financier, Andy decided there had to be something more to life. He always had a passion for working with kids.

Throughout his entire life, he would participate in Walkathons, Bikeathons, and help with Special Olympics. So just over two decades ago, when various country managers were clamoring for him to come to work his “magic” as a financier in their respective countries, Andy made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

“I told them to find me an orphanage and put two hours on my schedule so that I could go play with the kids.” They did, and Andy found himself performing literal magic—as in magic tricks for orphaned kids in countries like Chile where one orphanage affectionately named him “Tio Mago” (Uncle Magician).

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