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OWC Jupiter family of products with 2023 NAS of the Year award badge


    Why Businesses and Workgroups Choose OWC Jupiter

    Enterprise-grade NAS for high-performance file sharing, ready to grow with teams large and small without sacrificing bulletproof reliability or ease-of-use.

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    Fast access to files with low latency across teams small and large supported by advanced networking up to 100GbE.

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    Automatically creates redundant copies of your data to ensure your files are readily available, even in the case of drive failure, with ZFS RAID.

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    Supports growing workgroups up to 100+ connected users with Enterprise-Grade Processor, ECC DRAM and Expandable Storage up to 2.5PB.

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    User Friendly

    Can be used without having a 20-year IT background thanks to including the #1 Enterprise-grade NAS operating system; TrueNAS.

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    Thoroughly pre-tested before shipping to ensure out-of-box readiness and includes single-source support for system + hard drives backed by 35 years of pro expertise.

    OWC Jupiter

    Acting as the Team File Sharing Backbone for 10+ Years

    Networking up to 100GbE

    Ultra-Fast Networking

    Jupiter NAS includes 10GbE networking by default, with support for up to 100GbE to provide advanced, high-speed networking needed for Enterprise-grade file sharing. Supports Networking subnets for precise security and port bonding for improved speeds.

    Protect Your Data

    Embedded ZFS RAID support automatically creates redundant copies of your data to ensure your files are readily available, even in the case of drive failure. Even if a hard drive needs to be replaced, Jupiter keeps your files available and your operation running smoothly.

    OWC Jupiter Mini with drives
    Up to 2.5PB expanded storage

    Future-Proofed for Your Team

    Jupiter supports up to 100+ connected users simultaneously without slowdowns or crashes. Standard Enterprise-grade Intel Xeon processors, high-bandwidth ECC DRAM, and expandable storage up to 2.5PB keep up as your needs evolve over time.

    No IT Needed

    Jupiter is easy-to-use and is pre-loaded with TrueNAS, the #1 open-source NAS OS. TrueNAS constantly receives security + feature updates, and is user-friendly with vast support.

    OWC Jupiter Mini on desktop with laptop and iMac

    Supported + Ready to Work

    Jupiters undergo intensive performance and burn-in certification prior to shipping. OWC provides a single-source warranty for system components and hard drives. We’re backed by 35 years of outstanding after-sales support that’s included with Jupiter purchases.

    Which OWC Jupiter is Right for You?

    Jupiter Mini

    Your time is better spent working with your team, not troubleshooting shared storage. The OWC Jupiter Mini is the reliable desktop-sized NAS powerhouse for file sharing in small business, education, research, and creative media. Jupiter Mini is easy-to use without an IT person, becoming a time and money-saving enterprise grade storage solution that includes professional support.

    • Up to 100TB of internal raw storage
    • Up to 50+ connected users
    • Quiet 5-bay desktop design
    • Dual 10GbE + Dual 1GbE built-in
    • Reliable and automatic data integrity
    • Easy-to-use #1 Enterprise NAS OS
      OWC Jupiter Mini with 2024 NAS for SMB award badge
      OWC Jupiter Callisto

      Jupiter Callisto

      For teams who need a secure, centralized powerhouse for file sharing, the OWC Jupiter Callisto is here to be your dependable backbone. Jupiter Callisto supports 100+ connected users for commercial, enterprise, creative media, education, and research environments. Better yet, you can expand Callisto with up to 2.5 Petabytes of expanded raw storage — all without requiring an IT person.

      • 2U + 3U rack designs
      • Up to 320TB of internal raw storage, all-flash available
      • Expand up to 2.5PB of raw storage
      • Up to 100+ connected users
      • Dual 10GbE built-in, 40GbE/100GbE capable
      • Reliable and automatic data integrity
      • Easy-to-use #1 Enterprise NAS OS

        Jupiter Kore

        Expand your workflow with the massive capacity, performance, and dependability of OWC Jupiter Kore. Jupiter Kore can expand the storage of your current NAS or direct attached solution without losing data, speed, or reformatting. Combining the Jupiter Kore with the Jupiter Callisto NAS can create a server with up to 2.5 Petabytes of raw storage.

        • 2U + 3U rack designs
        • Up to 320TB of internal raw storage, all-flash available
        • Expand up to 2.5PB of raw storage
        • 12Gb Mini-SAS HD interface ports
        • Connect any server that supports SAS ports
        • Professional OWC support included
        OWC Jupiter Kore

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