Upgrade the performance of nearly any laptop or desktop with OWC memory.

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    Memory made for your Mac!

    At OWC, we want your Mac to perform faster and last longer. That’s why we engineer memory specifically tested and optimized for Mac. There’s OWC memory for nearly every upgradeable Mac, from the PowerMac G4 to the latest 2020 iMacs. Plus we make it easy to upgrade by yourself with step-by-step install videos, and included toolkits. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to improve your Mac’s performance.

    The Perfect Fit For Your Mac

    OWC memory is specifically engineered for compatibility with your Mac. We start with the highest-quality components, and then create memory to the exacting speed, capacity, and programming specifications of nearly every upgradeable Apple computer. The result is JEDEC-compliant memory that’s a perfect fit for a faster Mac.

    Your Mac: Happier For Life

    OWC memory is built to the highest quality standards and is backed by OWC’s lifetime advance-replacement warranty. That means if you have issues with your OWC memory, you won’t need to wait and return your upgrade to receive new memory. Instead, we’ll ship you replacement memory right away so you can get your Mac back up and running in no time.

    Memory That Goes Further

    We’re laser-focused on helping you get the absolute most from your Mac. So we developed the OWC MaxRAM certification program to test the true memory limit of each Apple computer. We found that most Macs support more memory than the official factory maximum. With OWC memory, you can truly max out your Mac with up to double the factory-supported limit.

    Tested For A Lifetime Of Performance

    OWC memory is hand-checked and tested for quality at each step in the manufacturing process. But it doesn’t stop there. We own and maintain state-of-the-art facilities that feature nearly every Mac manufactured over the past two decades. That’s because we don’t just relentlessly test for quality and reliability. We test in actual machines to make sure OWC memory is optimized to deliver a lifetime of superior performance in your Mac.
    It’s the OWC Difference.

    Tap Into Your Diy Spirit

    Adding OWC memory to your Mac is one of the best things you can do to extend the life, and accelerate the performance of your computer. It’s also an upgrade you can easily install yourself. Our library of free installation videos guide you through each step in the process. If you need assistance, our award-winning tech experts are standing by to help walk you through your upgrade via phone, chat, or email. With the best components, the best support, and backed by the best warranty, OWC memory is simply the best memory upgrade for your Mac.