Dock Ejector

Easily and safely eject all storage devices connected to your OWC or Akitio dock, including SoftRAID and AppleRAID volumes.

Dock Ejector Safe Fast

Save Your Time & Data

Dock Ejector takes the tedium and risk out of un-docking devices one by one. By ensuring all data has been written before any disk is unmounted, you can safely eject your OWC dock without worrying about losing or fragmenting files.

Works with All OWC Docks

OWC hardware and software engineers collaborated on Dock Ejector, optimizing it for all OWC docking solutions. It’s compatible with Mac and Windows and will become your favorite shortcut in the office.

OWC Dock Line Up

Download Dock Ejector Today

Dock Ejector is free to download and use from the OWC Software Store. Get it today and experience the convenience and safety of one-click disconnection.

OWC Dock Ejector for Mac includes USB charge support driver.

Dock Ejector for Windows