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The destination for Mac upgrades and accessories. You’ll find everything from OWC Memory upgrades, docks, and storage — to DIY kits and upgrades for Macs dating all the way back to the 1990s. All backed by our award-winning customer service, and detailed videos to guide any upgrade step-by-step.


SoftRAID is a RAID creation and management technology has been tuned to perfection over 20 years of development. It is the most powerful, intuitive software RAID utility on the market. It's packed with features you can't get anywhere else. Choose between selectable RAID levels for maximum volume capacity, optimum…


Get ready for the most trusted solution to access Mac disks on Windows. Since 1996, MacDrive has been the gold standard. Open and edit your Mac files from the new window, or access them directly from Windows Explorer or your favorite software.

OWC Jellyfish

The OWC Jellyfish is an industry-leading NAS video workflow server for post-production teams that need to work off of the same server.

The Jellyfish lets your team edit at the speed of thought for better video, a better collaboration experience, and, ultimately, a better workflow.


Akitio specializes in the design, development and manufacture of premium external computer expansion products and accessories with an emphasis on Thunderbolt technology. Akitio products are PC, Mac, and Linux compatible. Akitio develops its own product-testing software, as well as software for simultaneous data…


NewerTech has been recognized as the leading developer of performance upgrades for PowerBooks, desktop Macintosh computers, Intel Macs, iMacs, iPhones, iPads and Mac OS compatibles. From energy efficient wall outlets to USB devices, from iPhone cases with high drop protection power adapters, NewerTech…