Environmental Sustainability

We have worked tirelessly to build sustainable practices into all levels of our business operations.

Sustainability Is Good Business

We believe that environmental stewardship is not only the right thing to do for future generations, it also makes good economic sense. The economic reality is that, with careful planning and a little team effort, sustainability is synonymous with success.

Solar Power

Go ahead-call us obsessive. Not content with harnessing the power of the wind and earth, OWC has also adopted solar power as an energy source at its two largest locations in Woodstock and Austin.


Most recently, in 2015, we installed and activated a solar power system in Woodstock to augment the wind power system. The solar system consists of 770 American-made Sun Power solar panels installed on the roof of the building, making it one of the largest privately-owned solar array in Illinois.

The solar system will generate 265,000kW per year, when combined with power from the wind turbine it brings the Woodstock headquarters’ total alternative power generation capacity to over one million kilowatts. It also means that over the course of a year, OWC produces more power than it consumes.

Solar Panels at Austin, TX Design Center


A similar but smaller solar power system is on the roof of the Austin building. Energized at the beginning of 2014, 160 solar panels generate approximately one-third of the power consumed by this three-story building, including the majority of power that is consumed by the third floor occupied by OWC.

As in Woodstock, excess power that accrues during low usage periods is put out onto the Austin Energy grid. The project not only solidified OWC’s reputation as a leader in utilizing green technology, but it also helps to explain why the tech firm has fit in so well since it expanded into Austin about three years ago.

OWC’s LEED Platinum facility provides a healthy working environment for employees, creates energy for the local community, and represents a first-class example of environmental leadership for others to follow.”

- Sandy Glenn, Harris Architects, LEED Accredited Project Coordinator for the OWC project.


Of Toxins Captured Using Micron Filters


Platinum Certification by the
Green Building Certification Institute

355,000 kWh

Generated on the SunPower solar array in Austin, TX

Our Pledge

The bottom line is that with wind and solar power generation combined with extreme energy efficiency in all of our locations, OWC is a total net producer of renewable energy - as our energy production surpasses our year-on-year energy requirements. Not only does this allow OWC to operate an environmentally sustainable business, it also allows us to do so with a high return on investment in power generation.