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Mark Verkerk and the team at EMS Films recently made their 3rd feature-length nature documentary. They had to edit over 15,000 hours of 4K+ resolution footage into an 85-minute documentary. Working with a variety of cameras and codecs, this was no easy task.

Mark and his team used the thumbnail view in Final Cut Pro X to help them search through hours of footage from motion sensor & remote cameras. To get through all 15,000 hours of footage, the team needed to share the workload. To do this, they employed an OWC Jellyfish Tower as their collaborative storage for Final Cut Pro X.

"The OWC Jellyfish Tower and our four Final Cut Pro X stations made it possible to handle this gigantic quantity of materials so we've been extremely happy with it I must say."

Mark Verkerk - Director and Key Partner, EMS Films


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