OWC Jellyfish Tower

The OWC Jellyfish Tower matches the ease-of-use and plug-and-play powers of the Mobile and is as powerful as something you’d find in your server room. It's quiet enough to stand on its own in your edit bay and powerful enough to take on 6+ editors working with 4K media and beyond.

Up to Six 10G/1G

Direct Connections

Remote Access

For Growing Teams

80TB — 240TB RAW

Storage Capacity


Add up to one expansion


Connectivity: Plug & play, no switch required

The OWC Jellyfish Tower shared storage server can be used with or without a switch. Users can connect directly into one of up to 16 onboard 1GbE or 10GbE ports, or connect to a switch for additional expansion.

1GbE / 10GbE
Desktop Tower

Storage: 5 capacity points to choose with and room to grow

The OWC Jellyfish Tower is listed with a raw capacity number and an available capacity number. An available capacity number is what will be represented as the total storage after RAID, performance buffers, and overhead are applied.

0TB Working Space

Number of Expansions

Performance: Ready for 4K, 8K, and beyond

If you need to go fast but don’t have a server room and IT support, the OWC Jellyfish Tower was built for you and your team. Massive bandwidth means smooth playback in hi-res and multicam, and the ability to ingest while editing.

Number of Expansions

Setup & Software

Setup is Simple

The OWC Jellyfish Tower shared storage server was designed to be unboxed and up and running in under 30 minutes with no prior networking experience required. You will be guided through each step of the setup online, and if you need additional help our support team is only a phone call away.

OWC Jellyfish Media Engine

Leverage the processing power of your OWC Jellyfish to generate proxies for your offline or remote workflows. Access those proxies locally or remotely and link them to your project. Switch to proxy mode in your editing software and enjoy smooth playback no matter your connection speed. OWC Jellyfish Media Engine comes free with your OWC Jellyfish purchase to provide your team with an extra level of flexibility.

OWC Jellyfish Manager

If you HAVE NEVER had to manage a server before, we designed the OWC Jellyfish Manager for you. If you HAVE managed a server before, you’ll wonder why they all weren’t this easy and intuitive.

OWC Jellyfish Connect

We’ve made connecting your Mac to the OWC Jellyfish Tower easier than ever with our patented OWC Jellyfish Connect app for macOS. Just open the app on your computer and get right to work.

OS Compatibility

The OWC Jellyfish Tower shared storage server is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems and supports a mixed hardware / software environment.

NLE Compatibility

Work in the NLE, DAW, or VFX software of your choosing, or use them all. Our engineers work closely with Apple, Adobe, and Blackmagic to ensure seamless workflows between your favorite apps.


OWC Jellyfish Tower - Overview

Accessing Hard Drives

Users & Connectivity

Expanding a Tower

Common Terms

OWC Jellyfish Manager & Connect

Working Remotely

OWC Jellyfish & Windows

15,000 hours on a OWC Jellyfish Tower

Light Sail VR + OWC Jellyfish Tower

Editing on a OWC Jellyfish

FCPX + OWC Jellyfish

Premiere Pro + OWC Jellyfish

Deep Specs

Maximum Direct Connections

  • 16

Switch Required

  • No

Base Config.

  • 512GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2TB Read Cache SSD
  • 8TB Dedicated Project/Cache NVMe Pool
  • 2 x 1Gb RJ45 Ports

Connection Upgrades

  • Add 10GbE [RJ45 // SFP+]
  • Add 25GbE [QSFP]
  • Add 40GbE [QSFP]
  • Add 50GbE [QSFP28]
  • Add 100GbE [QSFP28]

RAW Capacity

  • 144TB
  • 192TB
  • 288TB
  • 336TB
  • 432TB

Available Storage Size

  • 97TB
  • 129TB
  • 194TB
  • 227TB
  • 291TB


  • Add up to 4 additional OWC Jellyfish R24E (expansion) units anytime over the included 12G HD Mini-SAS port.

Data Security: Raid Protection

  • All OWC Jellyfish utilize ZFS RAID which adds an extra layer of protection to your data since all data and metadata are stored on your pool.

Data Security: Raid Z2

  • By default, the OWC Jellyfish R24 can sustain the failure of up to 2 hard drives per 8-disk virtual device, up to a maximum simultaneous failure of 6 physical drives per pool.

Backup & Archive

  • Rsync
  • Snapshots


  • Height 7 inches
  • Depth 28 inches
  • Width 19 inches
  • Weight 90 lbs.

Form Factor

  • Rack - 4U

Noise Level

  • ~71 Decibels Under Heavy I/O

Power Supply

  • 875 Watt
  • Redundant

Additional Server Access

  • IPMI
  • USB 3 [x4]

Protocol Support

  • SMB
  • NFS
  • FTP
  • SSH


  • Integrated DaVinci Resolve Collaborative Database

Call us to learn more about customizing a video workflow for your team at +1-818-741-2858

OWC Jellyfish XT

Get Support

Our experts know the ins and outs of the OWC Jellyfish hardware, operating system, and software applications. We can help resolve most issues the same day that you report them.