Love A Child

Love A Child: Shining a Light

...and a Lens

Missionaries Bobby & Sherry Burnette have spent nearly four decades bringing relief to the people of Haiti through their Love A Child non-profit based in Fort Myers, Florida. Each month the Love a Child organization provides almost two million meals to feed the hungry, they educate eight thousand students in the schools they have built, they provide medical care for another five thousand people in their clinics, and care for several dozen orphans on the island, to highlight just some of their incredible work.

The key to their impact has been their ability to share the stories of the Haitian people with those looking to give back through their nationally syndicated weekly half-hour television program. Each week, Rachael Abrams and the video team at Love a child, take viewers into the Haitian countryside to bear witness to the heartbreaking conditions that those living in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere must endure.

We’re so honored by the opportunity to help Love A Child continue their mission, especially at a time when those without a voice risk being forgotten altogether. This is the story of how Love A Child became powered by OWC Jellyfish (and Iconik & Backblaze).

"The OWC Jellyfish Tower and our four Final Cut Pro X stations made it possible to handle this gigantic quantity of materials so we've been extremely happy with it I must say."

Mark Verkerk - Director & Key Partner, EMS Films

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