Drive Tray

Attach this drive sled to any 2.5 or 3.5-inch drive and it's ready for use. Perfect for backups, drive tray replacement, or dedicated project drives.

  • Drive Tray Top
  • Drive Tray Bottom

Easily Swap Drives

For Use With 2.5-inch Or 3.5-inch Drives

This is a spare hard drive tray for the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Quad or ThunderBay 4 with Thunderbolt 3 four-bay RAID enclosures. Having a spare tray allows you to easily swap drives without the need for extra tools.

Potential Uses

  • Stand by "cold spare" available for hot swapping a drive
  • Rotating backups, keeping drive backups off-site
  • Separate storage for individual clients or large projects
Tb4 Hero 2017 Open V2
Owcmeqx2Tray Hero

For 3.5-inch Drives

Need a tray specifically for use with 3.5-inch drives? OWC has you covered.