Take the Hours Back: How 11 Pro Photographers and Videographers Make Use of Fast Storage

Time is life’s most precious commodity. And if you’re a professional content creator, chances are you’ve spent a lot of it waiting for files to offload from one drive to another. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Wayne Grayson • Jan 26, 2024

Take the Hours Back

Time is life’s most precious commodity. And if you’re a professional content creator, chances are you’ve spent a lot of it waiting for files to offload from one drive to another.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’d rather spend your time at dinner with your team or catching up on some much needed sleep instead of watching progress bars on your computer screen through half-open eyes, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at OWC we develop products for creative professionals by creative professionals. In fact, we offer a fully integrated offering of storage solutions that drastically reduce the amount of time you’ll spend waiting for your photos and videos to offload and backup.

But don’t take our word for it. We spoke to 11 incredibly talented professional content creators about how OWC storage solutions are impacting their workflow. You might not be able to buy time, but an OWC Envoy, ThunderBlade, or ThunderBay might just be the next best thing.

Adam Sims


Adam says thanks to his OWC Envoy Pro FX SSDs, offloads and backups finish quicker. “Everything is quicker, faster,” Sims says, noting that the time saved in file transfer allows his team to get the rest it needs. “They sleep more and being able to sleep more means their productivity goes up the next day."

Adrian Porter

Music producer/engineer

Using his 2TN Envoy Elektron, Porter says he can "go from 10 tracks to 400 tracks, processing about 500GB of audio,” with no issues and at top speed. “My Envoy sticks right with me."

Daniel Rojas


Daniel Rojas calls the Envoy Pro FX a “game changer.” “My Envoy drives come with me everywhere,” Rojas says. “It saves so much more time and I think that there’s a lot of photographers and content creators that don’t realize that piece of the puzzle can severely impact your turn around time."

Derek Blanks

Content creator

Derek Blanks says his previous storage setup wasn’t fast enough to keep up with his editing workflow. After switching to ThunderBay 4, Blanks has a storage solution that can serve as both editing drive and redundant, secure backup.

Dustin Lucas of Evolve Edits

Dustin Lucas of Evolve Edits says the speed of the Jupiter Kore Network Attached Storage has impacted his entire team, adding that the improvement to work/life balance makes the Jupiter Kore an “easy investment.” “Save your team’s sanity and give them more time outside the studio, boosting team morale across the board,” Lucas says.

Grant Gunderson


Photographer Grant Gunderson admits that after switching to the OWC ThunderBlade for storage, he does have a new problem: “Having everything now on the ThunderBlade it’s almost instantaneous,” he says. “I barely have time to go make a coffee and come back to the computer and it’s already offloaded. I can’t believe the difference in the speed.”

Gunderson adds that the switch allows him to get his work done much faster than before, freeing him up to do more of the things he wants to do. “Time is the most valuable commodity in the world, so whatever I can do to save time and put that towards other things, it’s worth it,” Gunderson says.

Nate in the Wild


Nate in the Wild’s video production workflow and photography take up a lot of storage space but he also doesn’t abide laggy storage while editing. “The speed from ThunderBay Flex 8 is huge—from offloading cards to the editing process itself,” Nate says. “That lighting fast response keeps me focused and allows me to get my work done on time.”

Nick Cahill


Outdoor adventure photographer and videographer Nick Cahill depends on ThunderBlade when it comes to shuttling the massive 6K and 4K 120 fps footage that his RED Komodo creates. He recently put ThunderBlade to the test during a 1,300-mile off-road race in the Mexican desert. “Time is the one thing money can’t buy,” Cahill says. “Being able to move that data rapidly is the difference of you sleeping or not over the course of 60 hours.”

Oliver Richards


“I remember the days not so long ago where I’d come back and have a bunch of cameras to offload and just be dreading the night ahead because you’d be up all night,” cinematographer Oliver Richards says. “Whereas when you have the performance of the ThunderBlade you just get all of that back.”

“I can go for dinner now, prep the gear, and go to bed at like a normal time. All the other things that you want to be doing instead of switching cards out and watching bars go across a screen."

Piero F. Giunti


Photographer Piero F. Giunti is also a ThunderBlade convert. While Giunti was regularly the last one to leave a venue when shooting a concert, since switching to ThunderBlade, he’s able to pack up quickly and offload while getting a bit more work done. “The band is also waiting for me to get on the bus. I can just offload on the bus, I’m done and I can still keep on capturing footage as everyone is packing,” Giunti says.

Ryan Salm


Ryan Salm uses the compact and durable OWC Envoy Elektron for shuttling and backing up his music projects and uses ThunderBay for his photography workflow. “Any free time that you get or less time that you have to spend moving files from my memory cards onto my new drivwe I think is really beneficial to me,” he says.

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