LumaForge is now an OWC company!

JJ Powell • Jan 14, 2021

lumaforge OG team

Even Faster, Together

To our friends and customers;

Today I’m excited to announce that LumaForge is now an OWC company.

When we started this journey six years ago we had one goal in mind, to make it easy for video teams to work together. We knew that if we could develop really fast and really easy-to-use shared storage with a funny name, that we’d be removing a giant bottleneck in the content creation process that might help a new generation of editors, creators, marketers, filmmakers, and students get their stories out into the world. Thousands of Jellyfish users later with installations on every continent but the cold one, I’d say we’re onto something.

To expand and accelerate our vision, we’ve made the decision to join forces with one of the most innovative and enduring companies in our space, OWC. Their commitment to solving hard problems and putting the customer first perfectly aligns with our values at LumaForge and the team and technology you’ve depended on are only going to get stronger and more robust in the coming months and years.

There’s no way we could have made it to this point without our customers who supported us along the way. We hold a special place in our hearts for all who were willing to bet their data on an unknown storage startup, for that we are eternally grateful for your faith and feedback. There will always be a beer with your name on it.

Finally, to the LumaForge team, our partners, vendors, and community thank you for all of your hard work getting us to this incredible milestone. The next chapter in the LumaForge story is going to be a fun one.

Lot’s more to come, stay tuned and check out the full OWC announcement here!

- Josh Minney, Co-founder & CEO

Quick Answers

How can I get support for my LumaForge products?

We’re standing by as always, same time, same place.

- Continue accessing support through the same channels you are used to - email, ticket or live chat through Support phone numbers are all the same.
- Annual and prepaid support plans are all still valid and honored as well as all hardware warranties.
- Our team remains the same so you will be talking to the same specialists who know your system and your setup!

I just placed an order, what do I need to know?

All orders are shipping on-time. If you have any questions you can reach out to your sales rep.

I’m about to order my Jellyfish, what do I need to know?

Your timing couldn’t be better! Same great Jellyfish, way more cool gear to go with it. May we interest you in a little LTO perhaps?

If you have any other questions regarding the support of your existing Jellyfish, please contact and we'd be happy to help!

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