Dane Brehm

Dane Brehm on DIT Workflows Streamlined with OWC Tech

Fast drive save lives” declares Dane Brehm, Production Technologist for Cintegral. At first, that might sound like a wild claim, but with film industry professionals pulling longer and longer days, it’s no exaggeration. When you’re offloading multiple cards of Arri RAW, REDCODE RAW or Sony Venice footage, storage speed makes all the difference between a 12-hour and a 14-hour day.

Brehm goes in-depth into the cutting-edge OWC technology that powers their DIT cart workflows. He demonstrates that there’s more to a solid workflow than just the specs on the side of a hard drive box at Best Buy. A robust offloading workflow factors in thermals, bandwidth, formats redundancy, hardware connections, and software. The resulting workflow is one that provides confidence and speed throughout a production day and meets the demands of the world’s top teams.

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