Kiss the Ground — Making a Documentary for Netflix

The Kiss the Ground documentary film was made and prepped for distribution on Netflix—thanks to OWC's sustainable technology solutions.

Ron Dawson • Apr 21, 2022

Throughout the past century, there have been countless advancements in technology that have pushed cinema forward. Everything from the cameras and format of the medium on which films are shot, to the ways they are edited, and finally to the various distribution formats.

In 2020 we saw the debut of Josh and Rebecca Tickell’s feature documentary, Kiss the Ground on Netflix. Josh and Rebecca run Big Picture Ranch, a production company that focuses on documentaries about the environment. Big Picture Ranch is literally based in a converted barn in Ojai, CA, about an hour east of Santa Barbara, in the Los Padres National Forest.

Kiss the Ground (KTG) is an illuminating and inspiring film that provides an important look at the state of climate change and our environment. Whereas many documentaries of this nature leave you feeling depressed and scared to death, KTG leaves you filled with hope.

In this paper, we’ll cover some of the key aspects of getting a feature-length documentary made and prepped to be distributed on Netflix. We will also document how Josh and Rebecca got the film on Netflix, including their process and planning through every major stage of the creation process.

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OWC’s sustainable technology solutions

Kiss The Ground has spent the last 8 years awakening millions of people to the possibilities of regeneration. While there is momentum and growing awareness, there needs to be a paradigm shift in consumer behavior, farmer education, and farm policy.

OWC Jupiter gave the Kiss the Ground documentary crew the power of 4K. Jupiter is a high-speed, network-attached editing/storage solution that gives creative teams the power they need to make projects move!

OWC offers groundbreaking tech solutions that are sustainably crafted, making Jupiter the perfect choice for the Kiss the Ground production. Co-director Josh Tickell maintains that it wouldn’t have been possible to deliver Kiss the Ground to Netflix without OWC’s sustainable technology solutions.

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