Introducing Jellyfish XT: The Fastest All-SSD Shared Storage on the Market

Whether you’re working in 4K, 8K, or 12K raw, the new Jellyfish XT eliminates latency and empowers your team to create at the speed of thought.

Reuben Evans • Apr 13, 2023

Creating a state of creative flow is the goal of the new Jellyfish XT. This is the fastest all-SSD shared storage on the market. Editors, VFX artists, virtual productions, and post-production teams do their best work when the technology dissolves into the background and they focus on refining their work and remaining in the flow.

So whether you’re working in 4K, 8K, or 12K raw, the new Jellyfish XT eliminates latency and empowers your team to create at the speed of thought.

Jellyfish XT cash front on rack

Revolutionary speed

First up it's designed for speed. From analyzing the entire workflow of video and VFX teams we chose to create the world’s fastest and most versatile SSD Enterprise SAS.

With a full flash design, you eliminate the delays of spinning disks and the complexity of NVMe over fiber. 2 Xeon Gold processors and 768GB DDR4 EEC RAM provide the horsepower to ensure that your team members are never waiting around on the system. 4 2TB triple-mirrored SSD Cache drives deliver the instantaneous responsiveness that professional creatives crave.

And the 10Gig and 100Gig ethernet ports ensure that clients have all the bandwidth they can handle.

When you deploy the Jellyfish XT to your team, they are guaranteed to have a shared storage experience that surpasses anything they have ever worked on before.

Jellyfish XT SSD install

Rock-solid stability

Speed and power are great, but not if it comes at the cost of stability. That’s why the Jellyfish XT features dual redundant SSD boot drives, power supplies, and 3 hot-swappable fans. That way your team never misses a beat. Combine that with OWC’s enterprise-level support and you’ve got a bulletproof plan to keep your team creating even under the heaviest loads.

These redundancies also make the Jellyfish XT the perfect storage solution for teams working with LED Volumes and Unreal Engine, or crews that depend on foolproof solutions for live broadcast streaming or large-scale DIT operations. Basically, when there are eyes on your team and failure isn’t an option, the Jellyfish XT is the absolute best solution on the market today.

Jellyfish XT rack install rear

Ready to scale

When it's time to grow, just add a Jellyfish XT-E. Each Jellyfish XT-E starts with a 60TB drive pack. That’s 4 15TB SAS SSDs. You can scale that up to 300TB of full flash storage in just one unit. And if demand keeps increasing, you can add up to 4 XT-E units for a total of 1.5 petabytes of full flash storage.

That makes the Jellyfish XT system capable of any high-end workflow out there today. And if you decide that you want to expand using spinning disks instead of full flash, just go with the Jellyfish R24 and you’ll deliver excellent performance at an unbeatable value.

Robust software

Jellyfish XT shares all the same robust software advancements that made Jellyfish famous. It’s designed to be deployed and maintained by end users. When you need to add users, a new volume, or adjust permissions, there’s no need to call in the IT team. Jellyfish’s simple interface allows your team to adapt on the fly while integrating with your infrastructure. Jellyfish comes complete with media management, proxy creation, and remote access. This robust software suite provides you with everything you need to maximize the effectiveness of your Jellyfish XT.


So that’s the story of the Jellyfish XT with the XT-E—the fastest and most versatile All SSD shared storage on the market. Eliminate latency, enhance collaboration, and equip your team to stay in the flow.

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