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Broxstar Productions and OWC Join Forces on Eating Our Way to Extinction, a (Potentially) Earth-Saving Documentary

Eating Our Way to Extinction (E2E) is an eye-opening documentary that premiered in cinemas last September and is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Produced by UK-based Broxstar Productions with a major assist from technology partner OWC, E2E sounds a warning like a five-alarm fire. The film calls out the animal agriculture industry and its devastating impact on the planet.

Narrated by Academy Award winner Kate Winslet, E2E leaves little doubt that animal agriculture has “changed the face of our planet.” It has decimated forests and escalated greenhouse gas emissions to sustain our ever-rising level of livestock production. As Beyond Beef author Jeremy Rifkin remarks in his E2E interview, “Our diet is taking us into the abyss.”

The OWC Thunderbay Flex 8 was the ultimate solution. And with its end-to-end workflow possibilities, the Thunderbay Flex 8 elevated our productivity across all post-production processes.” - Ludo Brockway

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