PC Pro Magazine Names OWC Jupiter Mini its Recommended NAS Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

The latest award for OWC's Jupiter Mini comes from PC Pro Mag which taps the compact NAS solution as its top recommendation for small and medium businesses.

Wayne Grayson • Apr 04, 2024

OWC Jupiter Mini

For teams or business owners that need robust storage that doesn’t require a rack install, finding the right all-in-one solution with enough capacity, speed, and collaborative features for robust file sharing can feel impossible.

That’s exactly why we built the Jupiter Mini. The Jupiter Mini is a fast Network Attached Storage solution with 10Gb Ethernet and huge capacities up to 100TB that is easy to set up and yet small enough to put on a desk. We think it’s the perfect enterprise NAS for small teams.

And we’re excited to announce that the experts at PC Pro Magazine agree with us. PC Pro has named Jupiter Mini their top Recommended NAS for Small and Medium Businesses.

The editors of PC Pro praised Jupiter Mini for offering a preconfigured NAS solution equipped with a comprehensive warranty and ample horsepower that is built with Small and Medium Businesses in mind.

Jupiter Mini has five drive bays, supporting 20-100TB of storage capacity, giving your team’s data a secure, centralized home. It allows easy file sharing without the need to invest in costly rack-mounted gear or sourcing components from different vendors.

Thanks to the Intel Xeon server-grade processor inside along with 32GB of Error Correction Controlled (ECC) DRAM, Jupiter Mini supports up to 50+ users, allowing them to simultaneously access data without slowdowns or data corruption.

Better yet, Jupiter Mini automatically creates redundant copies of your data to ensure your files are safe, even in the case of drive failure. You can even backup and transfer files from Jupiter Mini to your favorite cloud service. Jupiter Mini supports file transfer to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and other cloud services.

But hosting simultaneous access to your data doesn’t amount to a lot If access to that data isn’t quick. That’s why Jupiter has 2x 10GbE ports and 2x 1GbE ports and supports subnet virtual fences and port bonding.

We understand having out-of-box confidence and reliability is paramount to running a business.

That’s why every Jupiter goes through an intensive performance and burn-in certification prior to shipping. There’s no need to contact multiple suppliers if you have questions or run into issues. Each Jupiter Mini and its drives are fully warrantied through OWC along with included support.

Find out more about how Jupiter Mini can help your business by clicking here.

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