Designed for speed and responsiveness in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Cross-Platform Shared Projects

One of the best things about Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects is that you can run the software on Mac, Windows… or both! With Adobe’s Production Panel and the OWC Jellyfish, your team can go to the next level by not just sharing assets but work on the same project at the same time.

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Shared Caching for Faster Loading

Every OWC Jellyfish comes with 2TBs of NVMe storage specifically designed to share your Project Cache in the fastest way possible. No need to generate new thumbnails and waveforms every time you open the project on a new workstation.

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Kyno for OWC Jellyfish

Organize and filter through your entire media library through custom metadata. Send selected clips including images & audio files to Premiere Pro with two clicks or a keyboard shortcut, including the metadata you've entered in Kyno.

"There is no other company out there that could come close, in my opinion, to providing the quality service LumaForge provides and the quality of the product at this price point."

Dave Trownsell - President & Founder of Tilt Creative + Production

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OWC Jellyfish Media Engine

Leverage the processing power of your OWC Jellyfish to generate proxies for your offline or remote workflows. Access those proxies locally or remotely, and link to them from your Premiere Pro projects. Toggle the proxy button in your player and enjoy smooth playback regardless of your connection speed.

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Bring your entire creative team on board

The OWC Jellyfish allows for your whole creative team to store their assets on the server including Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator files. Provide your graphics team with a separate OWC Jellyfish share and ensure all their files are in their own space.

OWC Jellyfish Remote Access

Access your media and projects from anywhere in the world. Turn your OWC Jellyfish into your internal and secure cloud without having to run a data center and or perform any crazy IT stunts.

"LumaForge has really made this whole process as smooth as possible...I presented them with a problem and they gave me the roadmap for the solution and helped me get everything installed, everything set up, and right where we need to be at the end of the day."

Rachael Abrams - Director of Broadcast Communication - Love A Child

Why OWC Jellyfish?

High Performance

High-speed connections that enable your entire team to work with 4K, 6K or 8K video files without dropping frames, directly off of the OWC Jellyfish.

Ease of Use

The OWC Jellyfish relies on intuitive software tools to empower your editing team to make the most of their server with minimal onboarding time and setup.


Store all of your team’s assets and projects in one place accessible to everyone from anywhere. Take your workflow to the next level.

Data Security

The OWC Jellyfish is a RAIDed system with automated data snapshots, and folder-level permissions for users and groups without a complicated backend to setup and manage.

Future Proof

OWC Jellyfish come in a variety of storage options that can take you into the Petabytes. Jellyfish storage expansions let your storage grow with you.


With direct access to a team of IT and video workflow experts, there's always someone to call to get a quick response. We're a support team built by editors, for editors.

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