Mercury Extreme Pro 6G

The first choice for pros who need maximum speeds, capable of achieving incompressible data speeds up to 479MB/s.

  • Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD flat
  • Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD front
  • Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD flat

Extreme Performance Perfect for Professionals

Mercury Extreme Pro is the first choice for pros who need maximum speed working with high definition video, digital cinema, professional audio, and graphic production workflows. Achieving incompressible data speeds up to 479MB/s and certified for use in Blackmagic digital film equipment, Mercury Extreme Pro is an indispensable component in any creative toolkit.

Transfer Speeds1

Incompressible Data1

Custom Made for Mac

Designed for Mac first, Mercury Extreme Pro works without complications right out of the box. No drivers, extra software or workarounds are required, it's as easy as plug and play.

MacBook Pro

Manufacturer Certified, Professionally Trusted

Mercury Extreme Pro is certified by the leading manufacturers across the audio, video and design industries for use in pro-grade equipment when performance and reliability are critical.

Video Devices Certified badge
BlackMagic Certified badge
Atomos Certified badge
Video Devices Certified badge

More than Just Performance

Mercury Extreme Pro features premium-quality, tier-1 sync NAND, and a suite of controller technologies designed to maximize performance and longevity. With exceptional wear-leveling and block management, best-in-class error correction and intelligent recycling requiring no external TRIM support, Mercury Extreme Pro delivers performance and reliability you can count on.

Designed In Austin

Tested, Tested, Tested Again

OWC SSDs are proudly designed in Austin, TX, and undergo a rigorous 7-stage testing procedure including 100% burn-in resulting in unwavering dependability. We back Mercury Extreme Pro SSDs with a full 5 year warranty and OWC's free USA-based lifetime support.

  1. Actual performance may vary depending on host computer, environment, and use conditions.