Express 1M2

Ultra-fast, compatible, and reliable portable USB4 NVMe SSD. Build your own or choose ready-to-run solutions.

  • OWC Express 1M2 facing right
  • OWC Express 1M2 rear view with USB4 (40Gb/s) port
  • OWC Express 1M2 side view
  • OWC Express 1M2 front view
  • OWC Express 1M2 rear view


  • Ultra-fast: up to 3151MB/s real-world performance1
  • Ultra-compatible: use with USB4, Thunderbolt, and USB-C computers and devices
  • Ultra-reliable: aircraft grade aluminum offers rugged protection of your SSD while silently keeping drive cool for consistent top speed
  • Powerful choices: Build your own drive or select OWC Aura SSD powered solution
  • Flexible DIY: use your choice of NVMe M.2 2230, 2242, or 2280 SSD
  • Portable: bus-powered and palm-sized for convenient use anywhere
  • Complete: includes USB-C (40Gb/s) cable and screwdriver for assembly
  • Worry-free: 3 Year (solution) or 2 Year (enclosure) OWC Limited Warranty

The Ultimate Creation Tool

Give yourself the ultimate in creative power by building the portable drive of your dreams or choosing an advanced technology OWC Aura SSD powered OWC Express 1M2. Whether repurposing a drive, starting with a new drive, or wanting the convenience of a ready-to-run solution, you will infuse your workflow with the highest performance and reliability with an Express 1M2.

OWC Express 1M2 on desktop with Mac Studio

As Fast as Your Computer or Device

The Express 1M2 is the fastest single portable SSD we offer and was purposefully built to maximize the performance capabilities of today and tomorrow's USB4 equipped Macs and PCs. Experience up to an astonishing 3151MB/s speed when you use the Express 1M2 with most Macs and PCs you own from 2020 and newer. You can also enjoy highly effective performance (yep…you can edit 4K video no problem) and flexible compatibility with millions of yesterday’s Thunderbolt and USB-C machines and devices:

Express 1M2 Connected To... Runs As Real-World Speed

Any Apple Silicon M1/M2/M3 Mac

USB4 (40Gb/s)


USB4 (40Gb/s) port on any PC

USB4 (40Gb/s)


Thunderbolt 4 port on any PC

USB4 (40Gb/s)


Thunderbolt 3 port on Intel Mac or PC

USB (10Gb/s)


USB-C (10Gb/s) port on iPad, Mac, or PC

USB (10Gb/s)


Don’t Get Fooled

Because we’re widely considered the Thunderbolt experts and work very closely with Intel, we know all the little details that others overlook. While specific OWC solutions are certified for full speed on Thunderbolt, we (and everyone else) are limited to half that speed with DIY enclosures. USB4 unleashes the Express 1M2 performance capabilities so you can build the drive of your dreams. Unlike budget brand pretenders that do not follow Intel specifications – and will leave you feeling fooled and disappointed in far lower speeds – the Express 1M2’s USB4 connectivity assures you of the maximum speed and reliability you count on and expect from every OWC solution.

The Power of DIY

Build your Express 1M2 with a brand-new drive. Retask an existing drive replaced during an upgrade. Or make it simple by choosing a pre-built proven OWC reliable solution. Whatever your decision, Express 1M2 gives you the power to make it happen.

OWC Express 1M2 open with exposed SSD, Screwdriver, and Screws

Use Today’s and Tomorrow’s Drives

Designed to support any NVMe M.2 2230, 2242, or 2280 SSD, the Express 1M2 gives you the freedom of flexibility to use any drive today - including OWC Aura SSDs up to 8.0TB capacity - as well as being ready for tomorrow’s 16TB and future capacities without limit.

OWC Express 1M2 with measurements

Built to Handle Demanding Needs

You’ll never have to worry about thermal throttling because form meets function with the Express 1M2. Its solid aluminum heat sink design ensures proper heat dissipation so you can depend on consistent maximum performance. Unlike a snap together toolless enclosure, Express 1M2 screws together to securely protect your drive inside its rugged enclosure. And when you need to share the Express 1M2, it can work cross-platform with Macs and PCs using OWC MacDrive software (available separately) for peace between the platforms.

OWC Express 1M2 on deskto with MacBook Pro

Express 1M2 is Ideal for…

Video editors working at desk

Photo and video professionals wanting an affordable yet solid editing drive that can be used both to backup and edit demanding content including 8K RAW video, 4K video in slow-motion, ProRes and other demanding codecs, and ultra-high resolution pictures both in RAW and compressed formats.

DIT working at desk

DITs looking to assemble the NVMe of their choice while also getting maximum offload speeds (faster than Thunderbolt) and thermal stability.

Influencer recording video

Prosumers/performance enthusiasts seeking an external enclosure to clone data from an internal drive at blazingly fast speeds.

Your Data’s Reliability is Our #1 Priority

Anyone can put a bunch of components in a housing and call it an enclosure or a drive. OWC is not just anyone. We’re a group of filmmakers, musicians, designers, content creators, and parents just like you wanting to capture and preserve that irreplaceable moment. Our data storage products go through countless hours of ongoing development testing and certification processes. We then subject them to extreme real-world abuses. The priority for some drives is to be a mass-produced, lowest price commodity. We do it differently because the reliability of your data and the longevity of an OWC product is priority #1.

  1. Performance results will vary depending on user installed drive. 3151MB/s performance based on testing an 8.0TB OWC Aura Ultra IV equipped Express 1M2 connected to a 14-inch 2023 MacBook Pro (Mac14,5) with 32GB RAM and Apple M2 Max running AJA System Test (4K-Full resolution, 64GB file size, 16bit RGBA codec, single file test).
  2. 3 Year OWC Limited Warranty for solutions. 2 year OWC Limited Warranty for enclosure only.