Envoy Express

The world's first Thunderbolt certified, bus-powered, 'add your own drive' enclosure for NVMe SSDs. Supports up to 1553 MB/s real world performance.

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The Next Phase Of Data Evolution

  • Certified: first bus-powered enclosure that meets stringent Thunderbolt power requirements
  • Easy DIY: uses any NVMe M.2 2280 SSD available today and future models
  • Super-fast: supports up to 1553MB/s for real-world performance1
  • Convenient: integrated 10.2-inch Thunderbolt 3 cable
  • Compact: shorter than a ballpoint pen, weighs a mere 3.3 ounces with drive
  • Silent: runs cool and distraction-free
  • Stylishly rugged: black anodized aluminum provides field-tough data protection
  • Gets onboard: includes optional use slide mount for safe, out-of-the way use
  • Worry-free: 2 Year OWC Limited Warranty

DIY Pocket-sized Storage Solution

Don’t let its size fool you. While small in stature, the OWC Envoy Express is big news. For the first time ever in the history of Thunderbolt, you can install your own drive in a bus-powered Thunderbolt certified enclosure. Finally…a DIY kit that lets you break free of pre-configured choice limits, so you can build a pocket-sized storage solution to meet your specific needs. And rebuild it anytime those needs change.

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Convenient, Optional Slide Mount Feature

The included slide mount is equally revolutionary: This surface-safe removeable drive holder lets you slide the Envoy Express onto the back of your laptop’s screen for mobile use convenience that won’t get in your way. More options. More usability. More functionality…only from OWC.

The Power Of Build Your Own Options

Build your Envoy Express with a brand-new drive for a fast boot drive. Retask an existing drive that was replaced during an upgrade for added storage and backup capacity. Use the Envoy Express to regain access to files on a drive that was removed from an inoperable machine. Whatever the reason you want to build your own bus-powered Thunderbolt enclosure, Envoy Express gives you the power to make it happen.

Backup, Play, And Edit. Faster.

Whether you want to backup a growing photo and music library, share files, play your favorite games and movies anywhere, or capture and edit up to 8K of video, the Envoy Express has you covered. It’s built to support super-fast sustained data transfer rates up to 1553MB/s…and often faster than your machine’s existing internal drive performance!

Envoy Express Mount

Gets Onboard With Macs And Pcs

Today’s office is often a tiny bistro table, your lap in a remote location, or a cramped airplane seat. There’s no power outlet in most modern work locations, and not enough room for an external drive. But wherever you’re booting up to get stuff done, Envoy Express has you covered. Besides being the industry’s first Thunderbolt 3 bus powered enclosure, the Envoy Express is the first to include a removeable slide-mounting system.

Uses Today’s And Tomorrow’s Drives

Whatever drive you need to work on, the Envoy Express is ready for action. It’s designed to support any NVMe M.2 2280 SSD and gives you the freedom to use any recently made drive — including OWC Aura SSDs with up to 4.0TB capacity. It’s also compatible with tomorrow’s 8.0TB, 16TB, and future capacities… without limit.

Envoy Express Capacities
Envoy Express Owc Macdrive

OWC MacDrive Makes Working Cross-platform Simple

Need to share the Envoy Express? It works cross-platform with Macs and PCs using OWC's MacDrive software (sold separately) for peace between platforms.

  1. Drive not included. Performance results will vary depending on user installed drive. 1553MB/s performance based on testing a 2.0TB OWC Aura Ultra III equipped Envoy Express connected to an iMac Pro Late 2017 (iMacPro1,1) with 32GB RAM and 3.2GHz processor running AJA System Test (4K-Full resolution, 16GB file size, 10bit RGB codec, single file test).