Tommy Dajer

The Passion Behind the Storytelling with Yes Theory’s Tommy Dajer

Telling stories is an extremely powerful way to influence, teach, and most importantly, inspire others. This is precisely why the digital media brand Yes Theory was founded. In a Forbes interview, co-founder Ammar Kandil explained that at its core, “Yes Theory is a movement that encourages individuals to say ‘yes’ to doing things that take them out of their comfort zone in order to grow as individuals.”

Yes Theory was originally built around a YouTube channel and has now expanded to multiple mediums including the Yes Theory Podcast. We interviewed Thomas “Tommy” Dajer, Lead Video Editor, to learn about his passion for storytelling, and how the team has successfully used OWC solutions to their advantage.

We’ve edited two full documentaries on the Jellyfish and we’ve edited all of our videos over the past three years on the Jellyfish. And it’s been super useful for us to maintain the speed at which we’re posting videos, and also the quality of them.” - Tommy Dajer, Lead Video Editor, Yes Theory

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