OWC’s Tim Standing Will Speak During SMPTE Event

OWC Vice President of Software serving as guest speaker for webcast on August 2nd.

Jul 31, 2018 | Woodstock, IL


OWC®, a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company, announced that Tim Standing will be the guest speaker for the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers’ (SMPTE) Technology Webcast on Thursday, August 2nd at 1:00 PM EDT. His topic will be “Why speed is not the most important thing to look for in a RAID system.”

During the session, Tim will provide information to assist users in choosing a fast and reliable RAID system for media storage, one that is directly attached to their computer. He will describe RAID levels and for each, will describe where the file data is stored and what the “extra” disks are used for.

Additional discussion points will include: • Optimizations for getting the fastest performance from a RAID system • What to look out for and how to avoid common problems • How to improve the reliability of the disks used in a RAID system • Case studies illustrating how editors have lost important footage and how these disasters could have been avoided.

Tim will rely on his 20+ years of providing RAID solutions to explain how users can improve the reliability of disks used for RAID systems and much more. Webcasts are complimentary for SMPTE members. To register, visit: SMPTE Technology Webcast.

About SMPTE: Since its founding in 1916, the people of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers have sorted out the details of many significant advances in media and entertainment technology, from the introduction of “talkies” and color television to HD and UHD (4K, 8K) TV. SMPTE has developed thousands of standards, recommended practices, and engineering guidelines, more than 800 of which are in force today. SMPTE’s global membership today includes more than 7,000 members: motion-imaging executives, creatives, technologists, researchers, and students who volunteer their time and expertise to the Society’s standards development and educational initiatives.

About SoftRAID A member of the Other World Computing family of brands, SoftRAID was founded in 1996 to provide high quality storage solutions for Mac OS. The founders have worked with disk drives on Mac OS since the Mac Plus shipped in 1986; they eat, sleep and dream disk drives and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm.


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