OWC Professional-Level Mobile Storage Solutions Provide Up to 2.0TB Storage/Back-Up for On-location A/V Production

Plug and Play, Bus-Powered Devices Deliver High Performance, Capacity, Convenience, and Reliability with Macs and PCs

Apr 13, 2012 | Las Vegas, NV


Other World Computing (OWC®), a trusted name in high-performance, highly reliable storage solutions that meet the unique needs of photo and video professionals, will highlight its bus-powered (no AC adapter needed) portable storage solutions with capacities of up to 2.0TB at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas this week. Ideal for audio, video, digital photography, professional music, graphics and back-up applications; the award-winning Mercury On-The-Go Pro, Mercury Elite Pro mini, Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini, and NewerTech Guardian MAXimus mini product lines offer one of the industry's broadest ranges of portable configurations for on-location A/V production. The latest models of these portable storage solutions will be shown in Other World Computing's NAB booth #SL14110, in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The A/V Professionals Proven Choice
Leveraging nearly a quarter century of experience in the technology industry, OWC has been at the forefront in redefining the performance, reliability and capacities of storage solutions, which are being driven today by advancements in image and A/V production technologies. The latest mobile storage solutions from OWC meet the changing needs of photo and A/V professionals who work in the field and require reliable storage that will enable them to:

  • Have the capacity to save the various revisions of their work.
  • Edit in real time from a laptop while out in the field.
  • Use Plug and Play high-speed storage that can handle uncompressed HD and 3D footage.
  • Share content with other production team members quickly and easily.

All of the items on this "wish list" require capacities in the Terabyte range. With OWC's line of hard drive and SSD-based portable storage solutions up to 2.0TB, users can store up to 2,000,000 digital photos, 700,000 MP3 songs, 1000 hours of DVD movies or up to 152 hours of HD video.

Cut The Power Cord Leash
Because OWC's portable storage solutions are bus powered and don't require an AC adapter, they are ideal for in-the-field business professionals, creative/entertainment professionals, students, and anyone else needing to back up data, transport large files between computers, gain additional storage capacity, and even perform video editing and live music recording.

High Tech Looks Meets High Performance
Small enough to fit in a pocket and weighing less than 11 ounces, the Mercury On-The-Go Pro™ delivers the reliability, performance, capacity, and ultra-portability A/V professionals need, It incorporates shock-isolation technology and a sleek, impact-resistant acrylic enclosure to provide maximum data protection. Featuring a triple interface (FireWire 800/400 + USB 2.0) or SuperSpeed USB 3.0/2.0, the Mercury On-The-Go-Pro is available with a 2.5" SATA hard drive or an OWC Mercury SSD in capacities ranging from 60GB to 1.0TB and prices starting at $99.88. br />
Compact, Rugged, Pro-Grade
Designed to emulate the award-winning history of the larger desktop sized Mercury Elite Pro, the Mercury Elite Pro mini portable storage solution features either a fast 2.5" SATA hard drive up to 1.5TB in capacity or an OWC Mercury SSDs in its fanless, shock-resistant, brushed aluminum housing. With two FireWire 800 ports, users can "daisy chain" multiple devices and utilize the fastest data transfer interface, eSATA, while bus powering via FireWire. The Mercury Elite Pro™ mini can also be used with storage capable digital cameras and camcorders with FireWire and/or USB data ports for fast, on-location backups of images and video.

Dual Drive Hardware RAID
The Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini's unique flat side-by-side two drive design enables it to fit into laptop, photography, and other gear carrying bags easily and without adding any bulk. With 10 models housing two 2.5" SATA hard drives or SSDs with up to 1.0TB "live activity" RAID-1 data redundancy or up to 2.0TB RAID-0 "striped" performance capacity backup, the Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini delivers big storage performance in an under two pound, fanless solution. Its "Quad Interface" of two FireWire 800, one FireWire 400, one USB 2.0, and one eSATA ports offers hassle-free, Plug and Play use with legacy Macs, the latest 2011 Mac models, and PCs.

The Ultimate User Friendly RAID Solution
While ultra compact, the Guardian MAXimus® mini comes packed with high performance features like dual 2.5" SATA hard drives or SSDs, data transfer speeds up to 300MB/s, and user conveniences like a front panel LCM screen/control interface for drive and system status monitoring. It comes factory set in a hardware RAID-1 MAXProtect mode ideal for "in the field" storage and protection of critical data capture that professional users simply cannot risk losing. For Mac and PC users seeking ultimate performance and capacity over redundancy, the Guardian MAXimus mini can be easily switched via the front panel LCM screen/control interface menu to the RAID-0 MAXPerform mode for up to 2.0TB of high speed storage.

Value-Added Extras
All OWC Mercury and Guardian MAXimus mini storage solutions come complete with all supported interface connection cables and a utility software bundle retail valued at more than $100. The software bundle includes Prosoft Engineering® Data Backup 3, NovaStor NovaBACKUP®, Intech® SpeedTools Utilities™, and Carbon Copy Cloner. For more details on this value bundle, visit:

Backed by the Best Support in the Industry
The best warranty is one a consumer should never have to use, but should the need occur, OWC is proud to provide a superior level of support and warranty coverage. All OWC portable storage solutions come fully backed by free lifetime US-based 24/7 technical support and a three-year warranty which includes a 48-hour repair turnaround time with up to one year of complementary Level 1 data recovery.

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