OWC Partners with GRAMMY-Nominated Music Producer to Promote ‘OWC Morgan Page Quick Tips’ and Help Advance the Art of Music, Creativity and More

Program brings together suite of OWC professional-grade docks and storage solutions with Morgan Page technical insights to help spur creativity and efficiency in professional studio environments

Jul 21, 2019 | WOODSTOCK, IL


WOODSTOCK, IL — June 21, 2019 — OWC®; a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company and quite possibly the world’s most respected creator of hard drives, SSDs, PC & Mac docking solutions and performance upgrade kits, today announced it has partnered with highly acclaimed DJ, music producer and technical guru Morgan Page to develop and promote its new ‘OWC Morgan Page Quick Tips’ program. The program combines Page’s audio, computing and storage wizardry with his affinity for OWC’s high-end, professional-grade storage and connectivity solutions for the benefit of professional DJs, music producers, architects, graphic designers and other professional content creators.

Morgan Page is a GRAMMY-nominated DJ/music producer known for playing the world’s biggest music festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, Ultra, Burning Man, hosting one of Sirius XM’s top weekly radio shows “In The Air” on BPM, and composing music for Tesla and Space X.

“The Quick Tips are a giant knowledge base of creative tips and techniques I’ve gathered from 20 years of making music,” said Morgan Page. “I started compiling these every time I had a revelation in the studio, and before I knew it I had nearly 800 ideas. Think of them as the grease between the gears that reduce the friction and resistance of the creative process. You still have to do the work, but these will make the process more fun and sustainable. These twenty cards are some of my favorite tips, now paired with striking illustrations that inspire creativity and action. They cover everything from workflow to composition, and are already in use by everyone from amateur musicians to GRAMMY-winning, platinum-selling artists. They can apply to many other fields beyond music, and I’m excited to see how people use them.”

“What Morgan has designed is a phenomenally elegant tool. Simple enough to actually use and powerful enough to direct the most accomplished of artists into the flow,” said Brian Wayne Transeau (a.k.a. BT), an American musician, composer, singer, songwriter, DJ, audio technician and pioneer of the EDM genre. “Can’t wait to use them.”

Morgan Page OWC Quick Tips are bite-sized actionable tips for professionals designed to improve creativity and workflow through clear visuals and timeless concepts. Virtually every creative or design pro can use them to work more efficiently at their craft, foster creative flow and unlock their inner potential. The program will initially consist of 20 tips packaged as 2 small 10-card decks, and will also live online at

Examples of OWC Morgan Page Quick Tips include:

  • Develop Systems, Avoid Routines
  • First Order Retrievability
  • The Secret is in the Sequence
  • Partial Palette
  • Living Templates

“Morgan is widely respected by the upper echelon of musicians and music producers, and OWC’s high-end storage and connectivity technologies are widely loved by those same people, so this is a very natural partnership,” said Chris Kooistra, OWC Director of Marketing. “Morgan’s passion for music and the creative process is matched by his passion and creativity towards technology. Our goal with this program is to deliver thought-provoking insights to the content creation process that spur creativity, drive efficiencies and advance not only the art of music, but other creative endeavors as well.”


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