OWC Offers Aura N SSD Upgrades up to 1TB to Keep Older Macs in the Game

OWC helps Macs run at their peak for years to come

May 14, 2019 | Woodstock, IL


OWC®, a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company and quite possibly the world’s most respected creator of hard drives, SSDs, PC & Mac docking solutions and performance upgrade kits, announced the expansion of its Aura line of SSDs. The OWC Aura N expands Macs with up to 1TB of internal storage space to give Mac owners the speed and stamina they need for years to come. The Aura N joins the Aura X2 and Aura P12 (for PC) in the second-generation lineup of OWC Aura PCIe SSDs.

When Mac owners have invested in gear, programs, and customizations to their rigs, it doesn’t make sense to be forced to make a giant investment in a new machine because space is tight. Adding up to a 1TB upgrade with the OWC Aura N makes Macs more spacious than ever, for a fraction of the cost of new, and keeps that Mac just the way the owner likes it.

The new Aura N drives are engineered with advanced efficiencies to rival the latest models, and now run cooler and consume less energy than any previous edition. Users can continue to add the media, games and apps of their choice without worrying about space. Aura N gives Mac owners the storage and stamina their rigs need to run at their peak for years.


  • Capacity up to 1TB, 8x greater than original SSD
  • Read speeds up to 1600MB/s
  • Write speeds up to 1100MB/s
  • Consumes less power and runs cooler for longer battery life
  • Designed for macOS 10.12 and beyond
  • NVMe – PCIe 3.1 x2


Aura N SSD

  • 240GB OWCS3DAB2MB02 $97.99
  • 480GB OWCS3DAB2MB05 $159.99
  • 1.0TB OWCS3DAB2MB10 $229.99

Aura N SSD Upgrade Kit for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display (Late 2013 - Mid 2015) and MacBook Air (Mid 2013 - Mid 2017)

  • 240GB OWCS3DAB2MB02K $164.99
  • 480GB OWCS3DAB2MB05K $229.99
  • 1.0TB OWCS3DAB2MB10K $299.99

Aura N SSD Upgrade Kit for Mac Mini

Mac mini Late 2014, Mac mini 7,1

  • 240GB OWCS3DAB2MM02K $134.99
  • 480GB OWCS3DAB2MM05K $179.99
  • 1TB OWCS3DAB2MM10K $259.99

The OWC Aura N upgrades are available for same day shipping via OWC Aura N Upgrades.

For over 30 years, OWC has provided customers with no guesswork and no worries – visit OWC’s online SSD guide to get the exact solution for any Mac + free online videos to make installation painless. And with OWC upgrades users get to keep their existing drive or trade in a drive they already have for up to $400 back!


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