OWC Lowers Prices on Pocket-Sized Mercury On-The-Go External Storage Solution

USB 2.0 ultra portable, bus-powered external storage solutions from Other World Computing now priced from $99.00

Sep 22, 2006 | Woodstock, IL


Other World Computing (OWC) today announced lowered pricing on its award-winning Mercury On-The-Go USB 2.0 ultra-portable, bus-powered, 2.5" hard drive storage solutions in up to 120GB capacity, with new prices now starting at $99.00.
Visit: /shop/firewire/on-the-go

The new reduced prices for the entire Mercury On-The-Go line are as follows:
40GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer (was $99.95) - now $ 99.00
60GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer (was $114.99) - now $109.99
60GB 7200RPM w/ 8MB Buffer (was $149.99) - now $145.99
80GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer (was $129.99) - now $124.99
80GB 7200RPM w/ 8MB Buffer (was $189.99) - now $169.99
100GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer - now $149.99
100GB 7200RPM w/ 8MB Buffer (was $214.99) - now $209.99
120GB 5400RPM w/ 8MB Buffer (was $179.99) - now $159.99

OWC Mercury On-The-Go 2.5" ultra-portable storage solutions measure only 3"W x 5.5"L x 1"H and weigh less than 11 ounces. Solutions feature a Myson bridge, are bus powered without external power requirements, come with EMC Retrospect for data protection and Intech HD Speedtools utility suite, and are bootable via USB 2.0 interface. The rugged exterior case and built-in shock protection ensure maximum data security.

Mercury On-the-Go storage solutions come packaged with all necessary connecting cables, carrying case, an optional use AC power adapter, and a One Year OWC warranty. FireWire 400, FW 400 + USB 2.0, and FW 800/400 + USB 2.0 connection models also are available. Add Your Own Hard Drive kits for ATA/IDE and SATA 2.5" HDs are offered starting at $34.95.

For additional information, visit or call toll free (800) 275-4576.


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