Qualified Memory Kits for Apple Xserve Are Now Priced as Low as $62.19 per GB 16GB Kits Priced 1/4th Less - 32GB Priced 1/5th Less than Factory

Oct 23, 2007 | Woodstock, IL


Other World Computing (OWC), a leading Mac and PC technology company, announced today that their Xserve Memory Kits are now available up to 32GB. Matched Xserve memory sets of up to 8 modules (4 pairs) now support up to 32GB of maximum memory in increments of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB per pair. In addition, OWC 16GB Kits are priced less than 1/4th of factory options and OWC 32GB Kits are priced at less than 1/5th of factory options.

With memory prices now at an all time low through OWC, enterprise users of the Apple Xserve can now obtain 16GB of top quality memory for as low as $62.19 per GB, or a full 16GB of memory for $995! With the latest 4GB x 2-based kits, OWC lets customers with high-memory intensive applications, such as audio/video, 3D modeling, and network applications, maximize their system for the utmost performance.

OWC Memory is fully-tested, premium quality memory that meets or exceeds all Apple and JEDEC specifications. Utilizing top shelf, Grade A components, OWC’s memory modules provide a lifetime of high-performance, reliable operation backed by a Money Back Guarantee and OWC’s Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty.

“OWC is at the top of its game for all of Apple’s new Intel Mac and Server models,” said Lawrence O’Connor, CEO, OWC. “We understand the mission-critical professional enterprise systems that our memory goes into and maintain a full testing lab of the actual models that our upgrades support. We maintain our leadership position through ongoing testing and innovations that deliver the best options and quality in memory upgrade solutions.”

For more information, see: /shop/memory/Apple_Xserve_Memory

OWC also offers Memory Kits for Apple Mac Pro Towers of up to 32GB, priced as low as $58 per 1GB: /shop/memory/Mac-Pro-Memory

OWC Memory is available for nearly every Apple model via OWC’s easy to use guide at:


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