OWC Announces Upgrade Service For All Mid-2011 Apple iMacs Featuring Up To Three High Performance 6Gb/s Solid State Drives, 3.0TB Hard Drive, 32GB RAM And/Or Industry's Only eSATA Interface For 27" Models

2011 iMac owners can add nearly double the SSD capacity for up to four times the performance, up to 6X more hard drive storage capacity, and/or up to 4X more memory over factory installed options. Professional 48 hour installation service comes complete with shipping and warranty starting at $169

Aug 24, 2011 | Woodstock, IL


Other World Computing (OWC®), a leading zero emissions Mac® and PC technology company, announced today its OWC Turnkey Upgrade Installation Program for the Mid-2011 Apple iMac that enables any 2011 21.5" or 27" iMac model owner to have OWC professionally install up to three award winning OWC Mercury 6G Solid State Drives up to 480GB each, a larger capacity hard drive up to 3.0TB, and OWC Memory Upgrades up to 32GB. 27" iMac owners also have the option of OWC installing the industry’s only eSATA interface and experience data transfer rates up to 600MB/s. OWC’s installation service program offers multiple configuration options starting at $169 with a 48 business hours or less installation turnaround.

OWC Options Create A Better Than Factory Built 2011 iMac
Owners of a 2011 iMac can experience the following benefits from the OWC Upgrade Program and enjoy a superior performing iMac than what is available direct from the factory.

Over Twice As Fast & Double The Capacity Solid State Drive
OWC Mercury 6G SSDs offer capacities up to 480GB, up to nearly double the capacity than the single factory 256GB SSD option, and offer read/write speeds in excess of 550MB/s…over twice the performance than the factory 3G speed limited SSDs. Support for a RAID-0 configuration allows data rates of up to 1GB/s (1000MB/s), nearly four times the data performance vs. factory options in available multi-SSD configurations. Depending on other options selected, up to three OWC Mercury 6G SSDs can be installed for a total of up to 1.44TB SSD capacity.

More 'Main Bay' Storage Configuration Options
iMac owners requiring more storage capacity than the factory stock 500GB-1.0TB hard drive can have OWC replace it with up to a 3.0TB drive for up to 6X greater platter based storage. Or, instead of a traditional hard drive, OWC can add additional OWC Mercury 6G SSD capacity of up to from 480GB to the 3.5" drive bay.

Additional & Lower Cost Memory Options Than Factory
Add up to 4X the factory maximum installed RAM with the OWC RAM 32GB option. Or, select from OWC Memory Upgrade kits providing 8GB total RAM starting from $80. For iMac owners only seeking a memory upgrade, OWC Memory Kits for the 2011 iMac are also available with savings up to 77% compared to factory upgrades and come backed by OWC's free installation videos and lifetime support.

Only eSATA Interface Option Offered For iMac
With fast data transfer rates up to 600MB/s, OWC's external eSATA port option for the 2011 27" iMac lets users take advantage of plentiful and affordable eSATA external drives for data backups and transfers at up to 6X faster than the built in FireWire 800 interface.

“The 2011 iMac comes equipped with up to Quad-Core i7 Intel Processors and can provide performance that rivals the currently available Mac Pros except for inherent upgrade limitations based on its design and factory options,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. “Being able to add memory and drives through our Turnkey service, iMac owners now can utilize the full potential of their iMac for intensive A/V, graphics, and other professional creative services tasks and turn their machine into a full blown desktop production workstation.”

The Turnkey Upgrade Installation Program for 2011 Apple iMac is available for immediate ordering at .

For answers to frequently asked questions regarding the program, OWC has created an easy to follow FAQ list at:


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