OWC Announces SoftRAID 5.7.3 Offers Support for Akitio

The SoftRAID update aligns OWC and Akitio for even smoother workflow for users.

Jan 14, 2019 | Woodstock, IL


OWC®, a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company, announced that their new SoftRAID 5.7.3 update will support the Akitio Thunder3 Quad X and Quad mini in the XT versions of SoftRAID.

The SoftRAID development team strives continuously to make SoftRAID the most robust software RAID solution available, and this new release is no exception. With OWC’s recent acquisition of Akitio, this SoftRAID update brings tighter integration of OWC software RAID to even more RAID enclosures, enabling users to create and manage their data faster and safer.

Tim Standing, OWC’s Vice President of Software Engineering - Mac, said: “SoftRAID has supported users with Akitio enclosures for years now and can appreciate their quality construction and reliable performance. With OWC’s acquisition of Akitio, we are excited to now be working directly with their hardware design team and look forward to many innovative new products from them.”

Enhancements included with SoftRAID 5.7.3:

  • Fixed an issue which caused the “Zero Sectors” feature to fail on the second write, which can occur on NVMe blades having 4KB sectors and a maximum transfer size of 128KB.
  • Changes the way that SoftRAID tool reports fatal errors, now writing to the SoftRAID.log rather than the system.log file.
  • Adjusts the SoftRAID application, allowing users to disable the ThunderBay 6 registration notifications if they wish.
  • Resolved certify window display issue showing “15 minutes” menu item twice for the duration of the random access test.

OWC’s SoftRAID software RAID solution brings technology found only in data centers to workstations and editing bays. With five different RAID volume levels, SoftRAID has users covered - whether the emphasis is on the safety of your data, the speed of accessing that data or the best of both.

SoftRAID 5.7.3 is a free update to users SoftRAID 5.0 and later. A free trial is available and SoftRAID can be purchased at

About SoftRAID

The SoftRAID team has been producing high quality applications for over 20 years. SoftRAID has been first to market with many key features including: fast mirror rebuilds, full email notification, bootable RAID volumes, disk certification, RAID volume validation, TRIM support on all RAID Levels, disk failure prediction and more. SoftRAID has earned its reputation as a rock-solid product which comes with great technical support.


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