OWC Announces New Price Point for Envoy Pro EX with Thunderbolt™ 3

The super fast, portable and bootable SSD is the first 1.0TB Thunderbolt 3 storage solution available for under $500.

May 3, 2018 | Woodstock, IL


OWC®, a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company, has announced that effective immediately, it is lowering the price of the bus-powered 1.0TB Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt™ 3. OWC will be the first technology manufacturer to offer a 1.0TB Thunderbolt 3 SSD for under $500.

The Envoy Pro EX is the Mac and Windows PC solution that is built with a take anywhere design – be it importing images on a location shoot, performing live on-stage, editing in-studio, transferring data between workflows, or transporting music files or family photos for sharing. The powerful and portable drive pushes the envelope on performance, pairing Thunderbolt 3 with an M.2 (NVMe) SSD to provide transfer speeds up to 1,800MB/s, up to 3x faster than USB 3.0 SSDs.

OWC designed the Envoy Pro EX to not only keep up with demanding photo editing and audio workloads, but to survive the busy lifestyle that so many users experience. With a durable aluminum enclosure and no moving parts, it is built tough to handle bumps and jolts, and can withstand being tossed around in a backpack or knocked off a table. In fact, it is MIL-STD-810G drop test compliant. Engineered to run cool and silent, it also looks great with a matte black finish.

OWC Founder & CEO Larry O’Connor said: “We engineered the Envoy Pro EX with Thunderbolt 3 to keep up with a fast-moving digital lifestyle and workflow. And with our new lower price point, we at OWC are excited that even more tech enthusiasts, from professionals to daily users, will be able to take advantage of what we’ve designed to be an optimal solution to meet our customers’ performance and budgetary needs.”

The 1.0TB Envoy Pro EX with Thunderbolt 3 is available now for $499.99 at, and also via additional online retailers and in stores everywhere.


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