OWC and NewerTech Announce NuPower™ High-Capacity, High-Longevity Replacement Battery for 12-inch Aluminum PowerBook Models

NuPower™ battery offers the highest capacity and longest life of any on the market

Apr 21, 2005 | Woodstock, IL


Other World Computing (OWC) and Newer Technology, Inc. (NewerTech™) are offering the longest lasting batteries available for Apple 12-inch Aluminum PowerBooks.

NewerTech NuPower PowerBook and iBook batteries are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA using only the best components. The result is a quality product that consistently outlasts the competition in terms of both operational runtime and useful longevity.

Longer runtime means more time spent unplugged between charges. Better longevity means a longer useable life span compared to other available batteries.

“The NewerTech NuPower design goes beyond just adding extra capacity,” said Larry O’Connor, President of OWC. “The extra runtime is great, and that along with the long useful lifespan of NuPower batteries is what sets them apart from any other.”

NuPower’s new 53.3 Watt Hour battery model is immediately available for $139.99, and provides more than 13 percent additional capacity over original Apple batteries and as much as 32.5 percent more capacity than other non-Apple aftermarket batteries.

“First introduced only two years ago, today people recognize NewerTech’s NuPower batteries for the quality and longevity they provide. For a very long time customers have been asking when we’ll have our 12" Aluminum PowerBook Battery available.” O’Connor said. “We are pleased be announcing that time is now and we are sure customers will find it worth the wait!”

NewerTech’s full line of NuPower high capacity battery replacements for Apple PowerBook G3 & G4, iBook G3 & G4, and iPod models can be purchased through OWC and other fine retailers. For more information or to order, please visit or e-mail

About Newer Technology, Inc.
For more than 16 years, Newer Technology, Inc. (NewerTech) has been recognized as the leading developer of performance upgrades for PowerBooks, desktop Macintosh computers, iMacs and MacOS compatibles. NewerTech is a division of New Concepts Development Corporation, headquartered in Woodstock, Illinois. Dealer inquiries are welcome by calling (815) 338-8685 or by emailing


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