Other World Computing Hosts All-star Partner Lineup At Macworld Expo in January

Presentations to include new hardware, software, games, system and Internet utilities

Jan 7, 2003 | San Francisco, CA


Other World Computing (OWC) today announced that it will host more than 10 different partners in the company’s booth number 2323 at Macworld Exposition January 7-9. As a leading provider of Macintosh products and services, OWC has invited partners to demonstrate a variety of hardware devices, software and free utilities to attendees at Macworld, which is held in the Moscone Center each year.

In addition to highlighting OWC’s speedy new USB and FireWire combo drives, the OWC booth will showcase the following partners and products:

&Mac183; Bombich Software: Carbon Copy Cloner, a hard drive duplication utility
&Mac183; Edirol Corporation: USB devices and Midi control keyboards, an audio presentation
&Mac183; Karelia Software: Watson 1.6, a Web content interface utility
&Mac183; Macally (Mace Group): Macally product line
&Mac183; MacPlay: Macintosh industry leading games
&Mac183; M-Audio: Reason, a virtual musical instrument rack
&Mac183; Power Logix: Innovative G3 and G4 processor upgrades
&Mac183; Proteron Software: MaxMenus and LiteSwitch, essential utilities for Mac OS 10.2
&Mac183; Sonnet Technologies: Turning your old Mac into a digital hub
&Mac183; Unsanity Software: A variety of “Haxies” offered as shareware
&Mac183; Y-E Data: Hexa-Media, a 2X USB drive using iPhoto

For a complete presentation schedule, visit the OWC booth at the show.

“We took a little larger booth space at the Expo this year because we wanted to invite some of the great partners and vendors we work with to show off their stuff to our customers,” said Larry O’Connor, president and chief executive officer of OWC. “We know a lot about these products and love to talk about them with customers, but who knows them better than the people and companies that make them. Plus, this gives our customers a chance to meet some of the people behind the products—and this helps give a customer even more confidence in the products and services we sell.”

In addition to selling many of the products being presented at this year’s show, a number of free shareware products and utilities will also be presented and made available to Macintosh users everywhere.

“We have built our business on the foundation of trying to help Macintosh users extend the life of their Macintosh computer,” O’Connor said. “If there is a free product out there that will help our customers do that, we want to help them learn about that product every bit as much as the products we actually sell. It’s about good customer service.”

More information on OWC products, solutions and partners can be found at


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