Other World Computing Honored with “Business Champion Award”

OWC Wins Award for Revitalizing & Investing in the Future of McHenry County, Illinois

Mar 12, 2008 | Woodstock, IL


Other World Computing (OWC), a leading Mac and PC technology company, announced today that it was honored with the “Business Champion Award” at the first annual McHenry County Business Champion Awards dinner, hosted by the McHenry County Economic Development Corporation. The award honors the most creative, innovative and passionate businesses whose stable growth and commitment to excellence enhance McHenry County, Illinois’ economic future.

Other World Computing has achieved double-digit growth for nearly every year since its inception in 1988, including more than a 30% growth in 2007. “OWC has a commitment to excellence in our products and service, and our recent decision to build our new corporate headquarters in the county reflects our commitment to the economic growth of the area,” said Larry O’Connor, CEO, OWC.

In addition to contributing to the county’s economic growth, OWC’s new headquarters building shows commitment to the environment. “Going the extra mile, building a green building with materials and systems that conserve energy, are environmentally friendly and protect local resources was the right thing to do,” said O’Connor. The new OWC corporate headquarters building, which opened March 3, 2008, was designed to meet strict specifications of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program, a nationally accepted voluntary certification program that defines high-performance green buildings. When certified, the OWC headquarters will be the first LEED certified building in McHenry County, Illinois.

“We wanted to recognize some of the creative thinkers…who take some initiative, create new business, and forge the way with existing businesses. OWC is a perfect example of that,” said Sue Dobbe, President of Dobbe Marketing & PR, who chaired the competition’s judging panel. “The judges said it was a very tough competition, that all were excellent candidates. We have an amazing business market, we want to elevate awareness of that.”

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About OWC

Founded in 1988, Other World Computing (OWC), is a trusted provider of premium technology solutions tailored to enable creators and tech enthusiasts to bring their unique visions to life. The company develops high-performance end-to-end tools catering to a global community of creators at all levels of their craft, from Capture to Creation to Collaboration. The mission of extending the useful life of existing technology is a demonstration of the company's commitment to a more sustainable world. The core value of Other World Computing is to design and manufacture industry-leading products that deliver excellence and are built to last for minimal environmental impact.

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