Other World Computing Breaks Ground for 'Green' Corporate Headquarters

Other World Computing environmentally friendly LEED plans (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) draw interest from Woodstock and McHenry County officials

Jun 12, 2007 | Woodstock, IL


Other World Computing (OWC), a leading Mac and PC technology company, held its official groundbreaking for its new corporate headquarters on June 2, 2007, drawing the interest of many Woodstock and McHenry County officials.

The new OWC Corporate Headquarters Building is being built according to Gold Level specifications using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. LEED is a nationally accepted voluntary building certification program that defines high-performance green buildings, which are more environmentally responsible, healthier, and conservation-minded structures.

“To me this is a common sense project, in terms of the green and LEED aspects, we’re glad to be setting the example that this should be common sense and not a second thought,” OWC CEO Larry O’Connor told the crowd at the event. “Resources are not infinite. Being able to do the right thing with this building, and have a state of the art facility where all of our team can be proud, and take this company to its next steps, was quite an opportunity. This is the first step on a road that has a lot of opportunity ahead.”

“I would like to thank OWC, on behalf of the City of Woodstock,” said Woodstock City Council Member Ralph Webster, representing Woodstock at the event. “We truly appreciate, as a city, your taking a leading with role in establishing green construction … this is a shining example of what a business can do.”

“I applaud you for taking the lead, and I hope to get to the point where this is commonplace, and not something exemplary,” said Woodstock Environmental Commission Chairman Scott Kuykendall. “But you are taking the first step, and that is a leadership role, and we are very grateful.”

McHenry County Economic Development Corporation President Chris Manheim added, “Something like this, in a very tough Illinois business climate … congratulations to OWC … we want to see more of this.”

The building, with a target completion date of December, 2007, will be one of only approximately 165 new construction buildings in the entire United States certified at the top LEED levels of Platinum or Gold. The new OWC corporate headquarters will also join a list of only 5 new construction buildings in Illinois certified at a LEED Platinum or Gold level, and will be the first Gold Certified building in McHenry County.

The 35,000 square-foot building (designed to allow expansion to 65,000SF), will be located on 12 acres located near the western boundary of the Lake Shore Business Park, off Route 14 between Woodstock and Crystal Lake, Illinois. Design features will incorporate the mainstays of the LEED program: sustainable site development; water savings; materials selection; indoor environmental quality; and energy efficiency. In fact, when all energy conservation elements are factored in, the new 35,000 square-foot building is expected to consume less energy than OWC’s present 10,000 square-foot headquarters. br/>
Other World Computing’s corporate headquarters building will feature:
Geo Thermal Ground-Coupled Heat Pump System with an anticipated 50% energy savings over conventional natural gas based systems
• Fiber optic rooftop light-harvesting technology to augment office lighting with natural light
• High insulation value glass windows and exterior sunshade technology to reduce cooling costs
• High insulation value materials throughout the building
•“Smart” building technology, including sensors to detect, and adjust for, unused rooms
• Limestone substrate and permeable paving for environmentally friendly run-off water handling
• Use of Bio Swales in landscaping to promote water conservation
• Use of native plants and prairie grasses to maximize water conservation
• Long-term, ongoing conservation practices including extensive recycling, low-impact cleaning products, and facilities for employees to commute to work by bicycle.

About Other World Computing (OWC)
Other World Computing (OWC) has been providing quality hardware products and support to the computer industry since 1988. The Illinois based company is a strategic partner with Axiotron and worldwide and exclusive US distributor of the award winning Axiotron Modbook. OWC operates the popular e-commerce portal which features one of the largest online catalogs of computer and iPod enhancement products, including Mercury, Neptune, and NewerTech acceleration, storage, and FireWire product lines.

OWC is a Premiere Level Apple Developer Connection member and provides extensive technical support for Macintosh users around the world. The company’s management umbrella includes leading Internet Service Providers and and is a leading technology employer as ranked by McHenry County Business Journal. For more information, see or

Photo courtesy of C.Romano Photography
Other World Computing CEO Larry O’Connor, third from left, is joined by elected officials at the official groundbreaking ceremony for OWC’s new corporate headquarters on June 2. The new facility, when built, will be the first Gold Certified building in McHenry County, using guidelines set by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) voluntary building certification program program.
Pictured, from left, are Woodstock City Councilman RB Thompson, Woodstock City Councilman Ralph Webster, Other World Computing CEO Larry O’Connor, Woodstock City Councilwoman Julie Dillon, Illinois State Senator Pam Althoff, and McHenry County Board Member Tina Hill.

“Information Kit on OWC ‘Green’ Building Program as pdf” -17.2MB -5.5MB


About OWC

Other World Computing (OWC), founded in 1988, is dedicated to helping Mac and PC enthusiasts do more and reach higher. We believe in sustainability – OWC solutions are genuinely built to last, go the distance, and enable users to maximize the technology investment they have already made. OWC's operation provides leadership in business sustainability, with its headquarters among the first in the world awarded LEED Platinum certification. OWC features an award-winning technical support team and an unparalleled library of step-by-step DIY and informational videos. From the home desktop to the enterprise rack, the corporate backup to secure medical data, the recording studio to the motion picture set, and beyond, there should be no compromise. That is why OWC is here.

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