Other World Computing Announces First Phase of Jupiter mini-SAS DAS/SAN Scalable Storage Solution Release

OWC Jupiter Redefines Shared SAN Storage by Harnessing the Simplicity and Performance of mini-SAS Direct Attached Storage for up to 48Gb/s Speed and Capacity up to 3600TB, Jupiter JBOD/Expander Racks, Enterprise Switches and PCIe HBA Cards Available Immediately; Towers and RAID Sub-Systems set for Q1 2013 Release

Jan 6, 2013 |


CES North Hall #5812 Other World Computing (OWC®), a leading zero emissions Mac® and PC technology company, announced today the first phase of its release of OWC Jupiter mini-SAS™, with Jupiter JBOD/Expander Racks, PCIe HBA Cards and Enterprise Switches available for immediate ordering. Built upon the proven mini-SAS interface for speeds up to 48Gb/s, Jupiter combines the highest levels of data sharing performance with the simplicity of direct attached storage (DAS) at a fraction of the cost of fibre channel infrastructures. Expansion of the Jupiter line will continue with the release of Jupiter towers, workgroup switches and RAID subsystems in Q1 2013. OWC will demonstrate the high performance of Jupiter mini-SAS at booth #5812, LVCC North Hall, during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which begins Tuesday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ideal Solution for Any Size Business
OWC Jupiter is the ideal scalable storage solution for small businesses and enterprises utilizing mission critical and creative applications. Jupiter JBOD/Expander Racks have two 24Gbps mini-SAS ports for up to an unsurpassed 48Gb/s data rate. Jupiter racks also offer truly massive storage support for up to sixteen 3.5" drive bays, and when utilizing Jupiter switches, systems can be built to accommodate up to 3600TB.

OWC Jupiter switches extend the capabilities of SAS, and harness the performance of DAS as a SAN configuration. Whether it's DAS, a SAN or a little of each, Jupiter can be set up to personal preference. With the Jupiter 16-port Enterprise Switch, sixteen non-blocking 24 Gb/s SAS wide ports provide zoning and extended cable length support for blazing speeds even over extended distances with extremely low latency. Jupiter has fourteen external SAS connectors for SAS initiators and targets that use passive cables, and two external active mini-SAS connectors for active or passive cables for maximum flexibility. The Jupiter 16-Port Enterprise Switch can be managed in two ways – in-band via the Jupiter Control Center Application or via embedded software for out-of-band management.

Jupiter – The Simple Solution
Photography. Video. Audio. Graphic Design. These creative environments, as well as small businesses and enterprises, require the most reliable storage that provides speed and easy scalability without the need for an entire IT team to back it up. And for these professionals, a Jupiter solution is the perfect solution.

More Lanes Means More Speed
OWC Jupiter mini-SAS cable moves massive amounts of data blazingly fast. Four bi-directional data lanes with 6Gb/s of performance packed into each lane offers up to a whopping 24Gb/s performance per mini-SAS cable. With the Jupiter mini-SAS PCIe HBA Card, you can use a single mini-SAS connection or use both connections for up to 48Gb/s bandwidth. The mini-SAS PCIe HBA Card supports more than 1,000 SAS addresses and has processing power to support over 500,000 I/Os per second.

SAS Through and Through
Jupiter solutions provide the speed and simplicity of SAS technology from top to bottom. The Jupiter line employs SAS from drive to enclosure, from cable to switch, and directly to a workstation or servers. This single protocol system results in extremely low latency throughout for quicker data transactions than fiber optic or mixed protocol environments. And because it doesn't require different layers to manage, Jupiter eliminates the need for costly, continuous IT supervision.

Unparalleled Flexibility
While a purely SAS environment may be ideal, Jupiter easily adapts to systems in place. From Fibre Channel to iSCSI, FCoE to 10GbE and more, Jupiter is flexible enough to work into any existing infrastructure. This allows you to increase storage capacity and storage speed while keeping your existing purchases.

Switch Equals Shared Performance
The OWC Jupiter Switches are fast, smart and simple. They are an expandable and easy way to eliminate storage islands – drives and data can now be pooled for multiple host/server access to optimize your storage resources. Available in both 9-port workgroup and 16-port enterprise models, the Jupiter Switches enable SAS and SATA connectivity of up to 1,000 devices at DAS speeds.

Enterprise-Class Drives
OWC uses only the highest-performance and highest-reliability enterprise-class drives in Jupiter. That includes the award-winning OWC Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G SSD. Just like the OWC Jupiter mini-SAS lineup, OWC's Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G SSDs are designed in the USA for mission-critical deployments that demand the highest performance and data reliability. So, whether you need HDDs for maximum capacity or SSDs for pure performance, OWC builds Jupiter with the best enterprise-class drives in the industry.

The OWC Support Difference
OWC has been a leader in the storage and computer upgrades industry for more than 24 years, and its 24/7 free lifetime US-based support has been praised by users around the world. Further instilling confidence in Jupiter mini-SAS is an OWC 3-year warranty with enhanced service options available, and an expert support staff trained specifically on the Jupiter family of storage. Unlike other piecemeal SAN systems that require multiple vendor support, all the components of Jupiter mini-SAS come from OWC and are engineered to work seamlessly together.

"We're thrilled to be rolling out the first components of our OWC Jupiter mini-SAS storage solution for our customers who demand the highest level of data sharing performance and scalable capacity," said Larry O'Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. "With Jupiter mini-SAS, we've brought the simplicity and affordability of DAS technology to SAN with much higher performance than the leading standard of fibre channel, making it perfect for creative environments, small businesses and enterprises."

Jupiter mini-SAS Key Features:

  • Scalable pooled (shared) storage solution combines the simplicity of direct attached storage (DAS) and the performance of mini-SAS with a cost at a fraction of fibre channel
  • mini-SAS interface for speeds up to 24Gb/s per mini-SAS cable
  • Enterprise-level 3600TB (3.6 Petabytes) capacity with Enterprise-class drives and expander units
  • Available in 8 and 16 bay racks with 4 and 8 bay towers to be released in Q1 2013
  • Available as a standalone storage solution with a RAID storage subsystem supporting RAID configurations 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 and JBOD to be released in Q1 2013
  • Hot-swappable redundant power supplies can be replaced without shutting down or restarting
  • User-friendly management and monitoring application for checking Jupiter's overall system status, performance, maintenance, and diagnostics
  • Three-year warranty with enhanced service options available

Availability, Pricing The OWC Jupiter mini-SAS is immediately available from OWC in a variety of JBOD and expander rack configurations with complete solution pricing starting at $4,799.00. For added value, OWC includes a user-friendly management and monitoring application to monitor Jupiter's overall system health, performance, maintenance and diagnostics. Built around LSI® technology, Jupiter components are constructed from an award-winning, trusted source to provide maximum peace of mind ownership.

The new Jupiter mini-SAS shared storage solution joins OWC's time-proven line of performance-leading portable and desktop external storage solutions and its Mercury brand of Solid State Drives. For more information on the OWC catalog of performance upgrades and accessories, or for reseller inquires, visit:


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