Other World Computing and FirmTek Bring New Support for VST UltraTekTM/66 PCI Card Owners

Mar 13, 2002 | Woodstock, IL


Other World Computing (OWC), a leading provider of products and services for the Macintosh marketplace, today introduced UltraTekTM/66, a new software upgrade that brings Apple OS X compatibility to the UltraTek/66 PCI card. Currently, the card operates only on Macintosh computers with Apple OS versions 9.2.2 and lower.

“There are thousands of ‘orphaned’ VST PCI ATA/66 card owners that want to install Apple OS X on their machines, but cannot because their cards are not compatible with Apple’s latest operating system,” said Larry O’Connor, founder and president of OWC. “We have partnered with FirmTek to help alleviate this problem and provide a simple and cost effective solution for Mac users.”

Included as part of the UltraTek/66 firmware upgrade is the AV-TekTM Audio/Video utility. The AV-Tek utility enables owners of pre-G3 Macintosh computers to adjust their storage transfer rates on the fly for smooth running audio and video applications.

FirmTek pioneered the Macintosh ATA/EIDE PCI interface aftermarket by conceiving and developing firmware for the world’s first Macintosh ATA/EIDE adapter, which was recognized as MacWorld Editor’s Choice for “Best Storage Hardware” in 1999. Additionally, FirmTek is the only company to develop native ATA/EIDE PCI interface support for OS X, delivering on its commitment to provide the most compatible and reliable solutions on the market.

“As a pioneer in the ATA/EIDE PCI interface aftermarket, FirmTek is excited to partner with OWC to offer this software solution to the VST PCI ATA/66 card owners,” said Chi Kim Nguyen, marketing director for FirmTek. “OWC has demonstrated its commitment to the Macintosh community with quality hardware upgrade products, technical support and software products, such as UltraTek/66, that will extend the life of ATA/66 PCI cards and make them compatible with the most recent Macintosh hardware and software.”

The shareware program can be downloaded for free from, and upon paying the $10 shareware fee, the user will be registered to receive any future updates and support from OWC. The success of this shareware program will also determine whether OWC pursues similar programs for other hardware products orphaned by OS X.

About FirmTek
Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, FirmTek is a leading firmware research and development company focusing on storage technologies. The company takes pride in developing the most reliable and highest performance enhancement solutions offered through OEM and distribution channels worldwide. For information on how FirmTek helps organizations develop advanced interface solutions, visit FirmTek's website at, or email


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