Newer Systems Technology and Other World Computing Introduce First-Ever G4 Pismo Upgrade

Upgrade available exclusively through Other World Computing

Jun 14, 2002 | Wichita, KS and Woodstock, IL


Newer Systems Technology and Other World Computing today introduced the NuPowrTM G4 Pismo upgrade, the first-ever upgrade available for the Apple PowerBook G3 FireWire system, originally code-named “Pismo.” The G4 Pismo upgrade, which is available immediately for $299.95, allows owners of PowerBook G3 400MHz and 500MHz systems to upgrade to a G4/500MHz processor.

“The G4 Pismo upgrade will save PowerBook G3 users literally thousand of dollars by not having to buy a brand new Titanium PowerBook in order to get a G4 processor,” said Rick Estes, president of Newer Systems. “We have a lot of loyal customers that have been requesting this product, and with their help and feedback, we are ready to make it available to the public. We are confident that it will be extremely well received, and help to once again reinforce our position as a leading provider of computer upgrade products for the Apple community.”

Customers interested in purchasing the upgrade can do so exclusively through OWC at Customers will be required to send in a component to NewerTech in Wichita, Kan. NewerTech will test the customer’s system prior to and following the installation of the G4 Pismo upgrade to insure the system is running optimally. NewerTech is committed to completing the install and testing, and return the systems within two weeks of their receipt and will also cover freight by FedEx 2nd Day for the customers to send in their components and for the return of their systems.

“This is a much anticipated day,” said Larry O’Connor, president of OWC. “The NuPowr G4 Pismo upgrade is the first and only upgrade available today for the Pismo model. Prior to the G4 Pismo upgrade, PowerBook G3 owners did not have an alternative to upgrade their processors, other than to purchase a new Titanium system. NewerTech has always been recognized as an innovator, and as its partner, OWC is excited to the exclusive distributor of this bleeding-edge technology.”

All sales, distribution, tracking and customer support will be handled by OWC. Consumers should visit and for more information on the NuPowr G4 Pismo upgrade.


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