New OWC Mercury Elite-AL FireWire 800 Mirror RAID-1 Solutions up to 750GB

RAID-1 Solutions for Mac OS X offer high-performance and Real-Time ‘Mirror’ Backup

May 23, 2005 | Woodstock, IL


Technology solutions provider Other World Computing (OWC) expands Mercury Elite line with new OWC Mercury Elite-AL 800 Pro RAID-1 Mirror FireWire 800/400 Solutions from $399.99.

“The Mercury Elite-AL Pro RAID-1 Mirror Solution provides for high performance data needs while offering the security of a real-time, ‘mirrored’ backup,” said Larry O’Connor, president of OWC. “For situations where you just can’t be too careful with mission-critical data, this solution provides the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.”

Utilizing only the best quality components, Other World Computing’s Mercury Elite-AL line is manufactured without compromise to provide both maximum performance and optimum reliability.

Taking data safety to the next level, the Mirror RAID design provides a seamless internal backup of all data – literally creating a mirror image of all data. In the unlikely event that the primary drive should fail, the Mercury Elite-AL Pro Mirror will automatically switch to the backup demonstrating no loss of data or production time.

“The Mercury Elite-AL FireWire 800 RAIDs combine a custom Oxford bridge with the most reliable disk mechanisms to provide the ultimate in performance and reliable operation,” said Jen Soule, OWC Sales Manager. “Using drives with a 7200RPM spindle speed and combining to feature up to a 32 Megabyte (MB) data buffer, these solutions deliver the FireWire 800 performance you expect.” The following Mercury FireWire 800 Pro Mirror RAID solutions are immediately available:

  • 250GB x 2 Mirror with 16MB Data Buffer for $399.99
  • 320GB x 2 Mirror with 16MB Data Buffer for $449.99
  • 400GB x 2 Mirror with 16MB Data Buffer for $619.99
  • 500GB x 2 Mirror with 32MB Data Buffer for $829.99
  • 750GB x 2 Mirror with 32MB Data Buffer for $1,219.99

All OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro 800 RAID-1 Mirror models are covered by a two-year warranty and come with EMC Retrospect Backup, Intech Hard Disk SpeedTools, SoftRAID and all required connecting cables. OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro 800 RAID-1 Mirror Solutions are preconfigured specifically for use with any Apple Macintosh running Apple OS X 10.2.x or later (including all versions of 10.4 ‘Tiger’) with an available FireWire 800 or 400 Port.

The full line of Mercury Elite-AL Pro 800 RAID solutions, as well as the single drive Elite-AL models available from $119.99, can be found at

For additional information visit or call toll free (800) 275-4576.


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