Leave the Laptop Carrying Case Behind with the TiHandle from Other World Computing and Newer Systems Technology

New carry handle offers an easy way to tote Apple’s G4 Titanium, while also providing an ergonomically designed PowerBook stand

Nov 11, 2002 | Wichita, KS and Woodstock, IL


Why schlep around a bulky carrying case for your PowerBook computer?

“Why indeed?” asked the executives at Other World Computing (OWC) and Newer Systems Technology (NewerTech).

That’s why the two firms today introduced the TiHandle, an ergonomically designed handle plus stand for the Apple PowerBook G4 “Titanium.”

The NewerTech TiHandle makes it easy to carry a PowerBook G4, and also doubles as a stand, providing an elevated angle that allows for more natural typing position and better heat dissipation for cooler operation.

“The TiHandle is a well-constructed, sturdy handle that makes it much easier for PowerBook owners to tote their G4 Titanium either across the office or across the country,” said Larry O’Connor, president of Other World Computing. “We have combined the convenience of a carrying handle with the benefits of an ergonomically correct stand that allows your computer to breathe while you work comfortably and naturally. If all you need is your PowerBook when you travel, leave the bulky bag behind and attach a TiHandle to make traveling easier.”

The TiHandle attaches to G4 Titaniums using the supplied Torx screwdriver and four supplied Torx screws. It also includes clear heavy-duty rubber tape to protect the paint on the underside of a PowerBook when using the TiHandle as a stand. The single-design TiHandle fits all PowerBook G4 models from 400MHz to 800MHz.

The NewerTech TiHandle is available exclusively through OWC at for the retail price of $39.95. OWC also offers a variety of other PowerBook accessories, including the OWC Laptop Screen Protector. OWC is actively seeking resellers for the TiHandle. Interested parties can e-mail Evaluation units are available for credentialed media upon request.


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