June 23 "Take Your Dog to Work Day" Recognizes Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace

Jun 20, 2006 | Woodstock, IL


On June 23, in countless offices across the country, tails will be wagging and employees will be smiling on the eighth annual "Take Your Dog To work Day." The goal of this annual national event, originated by Pet Sitters International, is to remind employees of the joy a pet can bring and to motivate them to adopt dogs from their local shelters, humane societies or rescue groups.

Dogs in the workplace range from dogs brought in by owners to employees' dogs that are permitted on worksites. Many industries, such as schools, daycare centers and retirement homes, have realized the positive effects of pet interaction to the degree that a pet, very often a dog, is a full-time official "staff member," making every day "Take Your Dog to Work Day."

A survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association reported that the presence of pets in the workplace can lower stress, create a more productive work environment and improve employee morale. The American Humane Association reports that the benefits of pets at work include improved staff morale and worker productivity as well as increased camaraderie among employees, happier employees overall and enhanced job performance. Storeowners who take their dogs to work also report an increase in sales from positive customer-pet interaction.

At the national headquarters of technology solutions provider Other World Computing, in Woodstock, Ill., CEO Larry O'Connor long ago realized the positive benefits of pet interaction. O'Connor began bringing his now-five year old German Shepherd Perry to work with him when the dog was 10 weeks old. And Chopper, a one and a half-year-old Border Collie/Shetland Sheepdog mix who was rescued from a shelter, has been coming in to work with O'Connor at Other World Computing ever since the dog was three months old.

The two dogs are frequent, polite visitors and know their way around the corporate headquarter building. "Chopper and Perry are members of the Other World Computing family," said O'Connor. "They like to visit with employees, and it never fails to bring out a smile when they stop by someone's desk for a few minutes. It's a win-win situation." In addition to the value of the enjoyment provided by pet interaction, studies have also proven that pets are nature's stress-busters. Research has shown that benefits to pet owners include:

  • healthier heart rate and blood pressure
  • enhanced healing ability
  • improved one-year survival rate of heart attack patients
  • decrease in anxiety outbursts and lessening of mood disorders among Alzheimer's patients
  • lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels

The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association estimates that 44 million U.S. households have a dog. A growing number of U.S. companies such as Other World Computing classify themselves as "dog-friendly," allowing dogs on site to some degree. According to the dog owner web site, dog-friendly companies also includes Fortune 500 companies Amazon and Google. Dog lovers can search for dog-friendly companies at such web sites as

So whether it's a once-a-year special treat or as a part of a regular routine, June 23 will be a day that American businesses will go to the dogs - in a good way.


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