iGuitars from Brian Moore Guitars Help Other World Computing Customers Create Beautiful Music

Innovative guitars work with software to turn your Mac into a recording studio

Mar 29, 2005 | Woodstock, IL


Other World Computing is adding to its extensive line of audio products by offering the iGuitar from Brian Moore Guitars.

The iGuitar is the next step in the evolution of music, allowing musicians to use their guitar as a computer input device. Until now, only keyboards enjoyed that distinction.

“The guitar as an input device allows you to do an immense amount of things you could not previously do,” said Patrick Cummings, president of Brian Moore Guitars. “And the fact Other World Computing has so fully embraced this technology really demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality digital music and its music-savvy customers.”

OWC offers three models of the iGuitar – cinnamon, emerald and turquoise – which range in price from $759 to $879. They are immediately available at

“These instruments are the perfect blend of form and function,” said Larry O'Connor, president of Other World Computing. “Not only do they look beautiful, but they connect directly to your Mac and allow you to create a variety of equally beautiful sounds in a way you never have before.”

Each iGuitar features a built-in 13-pin interface, which allows the musician to “play” a number of virtual instruments using any desktop or PowerBook running applications such as GarageBand and REASON. To use these special features, iGuitar-users need to play it through a 13-pin USB interface such as the Roland GI-20 guitar processor.

The iGuitar already has seen artistic success. Roger Adler, a Chicago-based independent composer, performer and producer, used an iGuitar on every track of his recently released CD “the garage album.” Tracks from the album can be heard at

“This opens up a huge world of opportunity for people to use the guitar as a computer peripheral, which is something that hasn’t really been done before,”Adler said. “While MIDI guitars have been around for 20 years, the iGuitar is the first one that has offered this level of seamless integration. I use it as my main guitar.”

About Brian Moore Guitars
Brian Moore Guitars was founded in 1992 after a meeting of three very different, but complementary minds. President Patrick Cummings is a skilled guitarist with a background in electrical engineering and business management, Brian Moore has a degree in furniture design and Kevin Kalagher is a successful businessman. Their goal was to design high-end guitars that were as beautiful as they were functional. The three set about creating the iGuitar as a way of allowing guitarists to compete in a world that had increasingly become accessible only to keyboard players. With the iGuitar, guitarists can now create the same sounds as were previously only possible using keyboards.


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