Grammy Award-Winning Chris Vrenna Relies On OWC Storage Solutions For Studio & Personal Music Projects

Marilyn Manson keyboardist/programmer uses Mercury On-The-Go 500GB portable drive for instrument and synth library during live performances; records to Mercury Elite-AL Pro desktop drives when in studio.

Apr 16, 2009 | Woodstock, IL


When the lights dim and a musician takes the stage to perform in front of thousands of fans, an equipment failure would be catastrophic. That’s why Chris Vrenna, a Grammy award-winning musician and producer, relies on the Mercury On-The-Go Pro portable and Mercury Elite-AL pro desktop hard drives. For the past eight years, Vrenna has used Other World Computing (OWC®) brand drives because of their unmatched reliability, performance, and ProTools compatibility.

In a candid interview with Vrenna ( before he departs for the upcoming worldwide Marilyn Manson spring 2009 tour, he discussed with OWC representatives why he has made OWC his brand of choice for data storage:

“I’ve been a customer for a long time…I own like 700 of your drives…because your drives were always ProTools compatible right out of the gate and I’ve never had one of your desktop or portable drives go down,” said Vrenna. “With your tiny little OWC Mercury On-The-Go 500GB portable drive, I’ve got enough room on one drive for all my libraries and synth instruments and still have 300 gigs left over just to record to. One drive. It’s a pretty rockin’ little rig!”

From desktop to rack mount, from performance RAID to bus-powered performance portable solutions, OWC storage solutions provide a wide array of options ideal for A/V, digital photography, professional music, graphics, general data, and Time Machine ready storage capacity with single drive solutions up to 2TB and multi-drive solutions up to 8TB. For more information on OWC storage solution models, visit

OWC – Mac Music Experts
OWC, well known for its e-commerce portal, featuring one of the largest online catalogs of computer, iPod, and iPhone enhancement products, is rapidly becoming a favorite resource for both the amateur and professional recording musician. “95% of all audio recording today is computer based and OWC is uniquely positioned to offer technology based industry standard recording hardware and software solutions backed by extensive Macintosh knowledge and free lifetime US based support,” said Rick Van Dyne, Audio Technology Manager. “Whether you’re down in the basement or up on the big stage, we’ve got the products and support to bring your recordings to life.”

For further information on the complete line of audio products offered by OWC, visit:

About Chris Vrenna
Chris Vrenna is a musician, Grammy award-winning producer, engineer, remixer, songwriter, video game composer, and programmer. Vrenna has worked with such bands as NIN, Gnarles Barkley, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, U2, Weezer, David Bowie, The Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Rob Zombie, and Green Day. He's worked on music for several video games such as Doom 3, Quake 4, Alice, Enter The Matrix, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Need for Speed Most Wanted. Chris is also an avid clinician for Digidesign ProTools.


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