Free “Daily Guitar Jam Widget” Launched By OWC and Roger Adler

Interactive Tool Delivers Daily Resources to Guitarists and Music Pros

Feb 6, 2006 | Woodstock, IL


Other World Computing (OWC) and four-time Emmy nominated musician Roger Adler announced today the launch and immediate availability of the Daily Guitar Jam Widget, a free interactive informational, educational entertainment desktop device for musicians, songwriters, producers, MCs, home recording enthusiasts and individuals interested in the entertainment industry.

Available for free download at, the cutting edge tool delivers a unique musical riff directly to the user’s desktop each day 365 days a year, and helps to foster individual musical knowledge and skill growth.

“All great musicians are life-learners, continually dedicated to expanding their knowledge and talents while appreciating the different influences available. The Daily Guitar Jam Widget was created to be an influential piece of daily entertainment and the links provide access to a world of ways to expand ones own talents,” stated Adler, whose credits include performing in Washington D.C. for the Presidential Inaugural Ball.

The Daily Guitar Jam Widget and corresponding webpage provide links to endorsed product lines and to highlights of Adler’s latest release, “The Garage Album.”

Also enabled by the Daily Guitar Jam Widget and is the indispensable opportunity for users to network with other musicians, music enthusiasts, and entertainment industry professionals via a dedicated OWC Audio Forum.

A key player in bridging the music and technology industries, OWC offers the latest vital storage solutions key for digital recording through and via toll free phone number (800) 275-4576.

“Backing up data isn’t the glamorous aspect of being a musician, but it’s one of the most important. Without proper storage anything you create as an artist would be lost forever. If you value your music, you have to invest in quality storage solutions,” advises Adler who served as the Music Director for “The Best of Comic Relief” starring Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, and Whoopi Goldberg and for the popular television series “Wild Chicago.”

Specialized data storage solutions pertinent to the music industry that are available at include the Mercury On-The-Go ultra portable 160 gigabyte (GB) FireWire 800+USB pocket sized drive, the award winning NewerTech miniStack, and the Mercury Elite Pro-AL line of external single and dual RAID drives offering up to 1 Terabyte (1000GB) of storage capacity.

The Daily Guitar Jam Widget features customized programming by Ryan Rempel, the programmer and author of the utility XPostFacto which allows OS X to run on unsupported/legacy Macintosh computers, and graphic design by Beth Copher of Other World Computing.

To download the free Widget visit

About Roger Adler
Roger Adler is a four-time Emmy nominated composer, producer, and performer. He is an endorser and clinician for the iGuitar by Brian Moore Guitars and his work is recognizable in over 1000 television commercials. Adler performed at the Presidential Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C. as recently as 2005 and his recordings include appearances on the Groundhog Day feature film soundtrack and The Garage Album. He is widely recognized for his role as Music director for the A&E television series “The Best of Comic Relief” starring Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, and Whoopi Goldberg and for 16 years as Music Director for the popular series “Wild Chicago.” Adler is the owner of two recording studios serving the professional entertainment industry, i^3 audio at North Pier in Chicago and studioA at Lakeside Legacy Arts Park in Crystal Lake, IL. In addition to facilitating the Daily Guitar Jam Widget, Adler produces the popular Podcast Show “Rock Your Computer” which broadcasts to an international audience via Apple’s iTunes Music Store.


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