Finalists Named for The Great Mac Mod Challenge 2006 Sponsored by Other World Computing and

Annual competition celebrating “Modify Your Mac Month” under sponsorship of Other World Computing and names finalists

Sep 6, 2006 | Nashville, TN

owc-logo-blue and Other World Computing today announced the preliminary finalists for “The Great Mac Mod Challenge 2006” – a competition celebrating “Modify Your Mac Month” in which Apple Computer and iPod owners are recognized in various categories for their creativity and ingenuity in the upgrades and modifications made to their systems.

Entries are viewable at

Modification categories include Internal Changes, External Changes, iPod Modifications, Peripheral Modifications (mice, Airport, etc.), and Miscellaneous Modifications. Entries are judged on level of difficulty, creativity, integration, and functionality.

Previous champions include the Necronomicon G4, Wallstreet RoadWarrior and the Millennium Falcon Mac mini.

This year’s competition is under the sponsorship of Other World Computing (OWC), the industry’s leading technology solutions provider, and, OWC’s Internet sales portal that specializes in upgrades and peripherals for Macs and iPods.

Grand prize will be a $1,000 prize package from primary sponsor Other World Computing and MacMod also welcomes the sponsorship of Griffin Technology, RamDirect, and Ackoo Solutions.

Winners will be announced September 12, 2006.

Home to “The Great Macomb Challenge” and the “Mod of the Year” award, is a community dedicated to providing Mac users with the ability to share information and identify resources they need to personalize, customize, and modify Mac systems. The site features detailed mod guides, hardware reviews, software reviews, and forums. Launched in June 2004, MacMod is recognized as the world’s leading Mac modding site.


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