Fastermac.Net Introduces Turbomac Accelerated Dialup Service

TurboMac dial-up offers up to 6.5 times the performance of standard 56K services

Feb 10, 2004 | Woodstock, IL

owc-logo-blue, a services division of Other World Computing (OWC), today introduced TurboMac, an accelerated unlimited dialup service with local 56K access throughout the United States specifically for users of Apple computers.

Using specialized software that enables on-the-fly data caching and data compression/decompression, TurboMac provides accelerated Web page display and email downloading. This is most visible when loading Web pages, which are able to fully display up to six-and-a-half times faster compared to standard, non-accelerated dialup services.

A special introductory rate of $120 for the first year ($10 per month) is being offered to the first 500 customers who sign up for's new TurboMac service. Standard pricing starts at $139.95 for a yearly subscription (less than $11.67 per month), $37.95 quarterly ($12.65 per month) and $13.95 month-to-month.

"The technology TurboMac uses really gives it a significant performance advantage over non-accelerated dialup services," said Larry O'Connor, president of OWC. "Whether you're comparing normal web browsing or even the time it takes to download your e-mails, TurboMac speeds things up. And when you consider the $120 special rate, there's never going to be a better time for those first 500 TurboMac customers to switch ISPs and start saving with our service today."

All TurboMac accounts include unlimited nationwide local dialup, five free email addresses (, 10 Megabytes (MB) of web hosting space, custom SPAM and virus filtering and more. Standard dialup services are also available for less than $8.00 per month.

"Not only is the TurboMac accelerated dialup much faster than standard dialup, but the costs of the regular (non-introductory special) plans are less than half of what many non-accelerated dialup services charge," O'Connor said. "We've been in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) business for nearly seven years now, and it's a real pleasure to offer Internet services to our fellow Mac-users who deserve quality service for a reasonable cost. There's no reason to pay more than $20 a month for dialup service when you can get a whole lot more, a whole lot faster, for less money from"

TurboMac accelerated dialup through requires Apple OS 10.2.8 or later. For more information on support and configuration please see


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