Fast Growing USB Mobile Work Force Gets Exclusive OWC Mercury On-the-Go Model

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Mar 23, 2006 | Woodstock, IL


Technology solutions provider Other World Computing (OWC) today announced the immediate availability of a USB-exclusive version of its revolutionary Mercury™ On-The-Go 2.5-inch portable, bootable storage solution.

Designed specifically for the modern mobile worker, the state-of-the-art Mercury On-The-Go is the only 2.5-inch 160-gigabyte (GB) ultra-portable FireWire/USB storage solution on the market.

The new USB 2.0 line meets the needs of performance and reliability without the higher cost of supporting FireWire and is offered in capacities up to 120GB, is bus powered for total mobility, and is compatible with Apple, PC, and Linux computers.

“Other World Computing is dedicated to always exceeding consumer expectations by providing innovative solutions for today’s technology users that are faster, higher capacity, more reliable and more affordably priced than those available anywhere else,” stated CEO Larry O’Connor.

With new Intel Processor-based Apple systems supporting USB 2.0 boot, and the large number of USB 2.0 equipped Windows PCs and laptops in use, the Mercury On-The-Go USB 2.0 storage solution is a sensible and economical choice for mobile workers who don’t require FireWire connectivity. Mac and PC mobile workers who utilize high-speed FireWire connections also can explore Other World Computing’s three other On-The-Go models that offer FireWire 400 and FireWire 800 interface support and independent bootable operation.

According to a report compiled by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, on-the-go work is on the rise with more than 405 million long-distance business trips taken each year in the United States alone. A joint study by Business Performance Management and the Forum to Advance the Mobile Experience reports that 71% of employers surveyed are experiencing increased mobile work demand.

Because mobile work conditions vary, the OWCMercury On-The-Go line is specially constructed with a shock insulation system to isolate impact to the casing and fully protect the drive. The stylish On-The-Go acrylic enclosure is tough enough to survive the abuse of constant transportation and less than ideal working conditions. Units are so secure they can sustain a table or desk fall without drive damage or data loss, coupling data portability with reliability and protection.

“Other World Computing respects just how incredibly valuable your data is. Our On-The-Go provides a conveniently portable solution ready-built to go and be useful where ever you go,” says O’Connor.

Mercury On-The-Go solutions ship with carrying case, all necessary cables, EMC Retrospect, Intech Speed Tools, and a one-year warranty with EMC Retrospect backup certification.

On-The-Go plug-and-play drives are compatible with all Apple OS Versions 8.5 through 9.2.x; Apple OS X 10.0.3 and higher (including OS X 'Tiger' 10.4.x); Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP; and any OS or electronic device with USB data ports, including digital video and still cameras.

The On-The-Go line features storage solutions with FireWire 800 +USB 2.0, FireWire 400+ USB 2.0, FireWire 400-only, and USB 2.0-only connections with 40- to 160GB of storage space running 4200-, 5400- or 7200RPM starting at $109.99. Enclosure kits also are available. The full line can be viewed at All of OWC’s award-winning optical and fixed storage solutions can be found at
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